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Need the name of an interior design magazine from Home Depot.?

I saw a magazine months ago Home Depot I think the name was the word trend in the title, has anyone heard of this magazine? It is a contemporary / modern theme magazine and I look up no website. You too good websites today need some ideas for decorating. Thanks

They have many magazines that are like that. Every The Home Depot should have a shelf of producing them. I'll check again after work tomorrow, because I think I know you're talking about.

Camry: Car of the Year from Motor Trend

The car of the year 2007 is given by Motor Trend magazine for the Toyota Camry. This is the first year the Camry has won the award. The prize went to all variants, including Camry Hybrid. This car is the best selling car America.

Angus MacKenzie, editor in chief of Self magazine, "the car is innovative and has great appeal. The Camry is one of the automakers rival all want to build. offers something for almost all the world - the performance, efficiency and range - at a price point most Americans can afford. "

According to Motor Trend magazine, "Beat 26 other Camry models that are new or redesigned in the year preceding January 1, 2007. "The figures include 10 cars from Japanese automakers, 6 models of America, five in Korea, 4 in Germany and one each from United Kingdom and Sweden.

MacKenzie noted that the Camry won in a very strong field. He added: "There has never been more options available to buyers of American cars. It is a fact of life in the 21st century. "Toyota Camry is a midsize car manufactured in Georgetown, Kentucky. 2007 Toyota Camry parts are subject to significant improvements and changes increasing attractiveness, comfort and performance. Camry is regarded as the most popular car, especially in North America.

Until October this year, the manufacturer has recorded sales of 350,481 Camry. So far, it has all the cars in the United States. With Corolla is the Camry, which recorded sales of 330,995. This information has been released by Autodata Corp.

Motor Trend used to evaluate entries according their innovation in engineering, design, safety and performance technology and quality, and whether the vehicle delivers value for consumer. Last year's winner was the Civic, with its complex Honda Civic parts. In the previous month, Mercedes-Benz performance parts in the GL450 is praised as the model has received the sports car of the year.

For the competition this year, competitors Camry Car of the Year for the title have been Chrysler Sebring, Honda Fit, Kia Rondo, Saturn Aura Volvo C70 T5, Volkswagen Rabbit, Nissan Altima, and the S-Class Mercedes-Benz.

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