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At Die Cut Machines your source for Die Cutting Machines and Crafting Supplies we hope the Trim Border Ribbon products and information here meets your needs.

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Decorate the inside of a frame? This is a gift idea? [READ]! Help I'm desperate? "?

last minute gift here. Its 1 am. I have 25 years. I have some candles to give you lovely fantasy, but I want to do something from home to give him. It's a bit cheesy, but hey just listen. It is a 1Foot long rectangle on for 3 1 / 2 feet. The frame is black, and I have this dark zebra that I am thick-film trimming the borders, but I have to fill the frame with some thing. I can not really use the images because I have no ..... and I want very creative, something that perhaps could put on your wall. I want to be something inspiring and cheerful so maybe I can put in place. Something that mixes with the atmosphere and style, Ideas? You could use the words, but how? I will stick a hundred word .... all welcome all ideas! Thanks:)

Can you a collage of things? If you have a special program installed on your computer, design models and images on the computer, but you need a graphics program that .. and you can always find an approprate text examining options for Google, with poems and lyrics wisdom for every occasion. but if there was a simple graphic design program can design computer models or picutures you can also find on Google and send your design and you also need a scanner and a printer, you can create any type of card you want on your own and leave fly your creativity go wild .. there is always something nice rear as OT in a specific album picutures looking into magazines ... pictures or drawings on colored paper cut out and add beads or feathers or whatever is appropriate and, possibly, the creation of a forest scene .. This would go well with tape or draw flowers exotic zebra research on colored paper and make little by little and add some glitter and glue on a piece Cardboard is the correct size for the glory that is just .. it was hard work, but a very personal gift for a special mom or a special friend, sister or cousinxxx

Learning to ride the crown of your quilt

He has created flowers, basket, handles, etc., so now is the time to go duvet cunning. Start.

How to prepare:

You are assembling the crown of your quilt at this time. If you do not CRAFT project started to create your Shopping spring, leave this work to those found in the crown. To use his crown your son and return begin invisible point through the fabric, sewing your flower on the canvas, and two of its foliage. Sew the central flower and the way to the wrong side (Left) of his three baskets of building block. Thing and the final finishing blocks. (3)

In the bottom rack, place your flowers to reach the handles. Now, cut filament light shades / chapters, and shades of pink (6) fibers of silkworm (dental floss) cut is for measurements along the arm. Want to create threads (3) in each section of the fiber. point of division and the use of needles and thread (big eye needle), and the length its three components, to form a circle. You make your grandmother nodes to create the French version which will take place on the center of the flower and dark flowers that you have created.

Once again, cut the deepest shadows of the filaments of six roses, and silk fibers, cut along the length so that is equivalent to the scale of arms. Generate 3-axes in each section of the fiber. Partition and make use of the hand used needle and thread, sew length of the three son. Thing until it forms a loop. From shades of green, cut pieces and cut narrowband pieces of 1 1 / 2 x 10 1 / 2 inches. You made your D-Block. Cut three pieces until you can narrow pieces 1 1 / 2 x 28 1 / 2 inches. You will use these pieces to make your E-block. In addition, the section D-Block, cutting three of his employer and the small pieces of 4-D. You want your ducks in a row. (That is, blocks) Use only 2-blocks to form a row now and start sewing the blocks 3-E are narrow pieces. This the central part of your duvet or comforter. Use the variety of floral and cut into narrow confines of his songs. Walk at least two narrow parts a x 23 1 / 2 inches. Use the pieces to build the F-border side. Now, another cut into 1/2-inch x 29 G, almost create boundaries in the lower and upper duvet.

Continuing, sew the sides of the border with the center of the quilt. Continue sewing the fall of borders and more. From the floral region, namely the printing textiles with your iron. No board and press gently? Levante, move, etc.

Now you're ready to create your league's quilt. Use your equipment flowers and sew the larger the drop, and the sides of its borders. Now, fill the center of your quilt patterns.

You have done an excellent work, so now is the time to finish the job. Use your backing fabric, batting, and the crown of your quilt and the mantle. To prepare your quilt, pin brush layer, followed by a sewing machine or hand sewing your quilt. Use your sewing machine the edges of the Crown untreated. If you have the extra dough, cut. Do the same with the support fabric. Now, cut the tie and yellow satin ribbon to form the arch. Cut six parties, including understood. Finally, attach the ribbon forming a bow, bows hand knit, one for each side of the handle in your cart.

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