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DIY Installation Guide Laminate flooring

One of the most common hobby in the world is more and laminate flooring. This is mainly how it is easy to mount a perennial that looks great, however, although it is easy to install laminate flooring is also very easy to make mistakes if they are not prepared. In this step-by-step instructions are laying your laminate floor. You must first check the basement floor you want to mount your laminate floors individual, because they are not adapted to any type of basement.

Subfloor for laminate flooring

Placement of laminated veneer

The floor must be perfectly level, dry, clean and firm. It is very important sand and fill any shortfall of more than three millimeters per meter. PE must use foil as a barrier against moisture.

Mounted on plywood

loose floor must be fixed and uneven surfaces must be smoothed to ensure a flat and firm and is not suitable. Place the laminate flooring Krono origin perpendicular to the longitudinal direction of wooden planks. You can not use PE sub-floors Wood film.

plywood boards

Loose boards should be fixed and irregularities brought OUT. The panels must be firmly attached to the basement so that no cracks later.

Fitting PVC laminate or linoleum floors

These types of soils Elders must be removed.

Laying laminate floor hot water heating

Please ask a specialist Trust your floor heating to heat until it is dry because it has the necessary skills and records to ensure this is done correctly. A surface temperature of 25 degrees Celsius is recommended, but should never exceed 28 degrees Celsius. old soil should be deleted.

residual moisture

The rule should not exceed the residual moisture following values:

  1. concrete floors: Floor heating with 1.8 cm per cent unheated soil CM 2 percent.
  2. anhydride clevis with 0.3 percent heating soil, soil unheated CM 0.5 percent.

Before you install your laminate flooring please make sure you go through these lists.

List A) Tools

You need the following tools on hand at all times in the installation of your laminate flooring

  • Spacer wedges
  • Sierra circular saw or with a hand Jigsaw finetooth
  • Angle undermine positions
  • Tapemeasure, Pencil
  • Laminate Installation Kit
  • Block strikes Hammer
  • target = "_blank" title = "acoustic underlay"> acoustic burlap (floor without absorbing the sound system)

    B) Materials and Supplies List

    • Precise measurements of your room
    • target = "_blank" title = "Laminate"> Laminate flooring
    • Clicseal one tube is sufficient for a ten square meters laminate flooring
    • title = "Skitings"> Skirting - Solid wood, PVC or MDF with Vane real
    • Scotland or part of the quadrant, the line profiles of T-bar and the edge
    • vapor barrier layer, gold and silver behind the dunes
    • undercoat Foam

      Also note that the sound insulation further transmission is necessary for floor laminates without SAS (System noise absorber). In certain circumstances, you have defined Clicguard comparable or seals, and the compounds of the glue officer / liaison.

      Before installation: packages in the studio for 48 hours under the same conditions for the installation.

      An important prerequisite for the installation and the durability of laminate flooring is a local weather around 20 degrees Celsius and humidity on 50-70 percent. The surface must be perfectly level, dry, clean and firm.

      When installing on a mineral subsoil such as concrete, cement, mortar or stone tiles should dioxide measuring the moisture first. The rule should not exceed the residual moisture following values:

      1. Cement rule with underfloor heating for 1.8 cm soil unheated PO2 one hundred percent.
      2. anhydride screed: underfloor heating with 0.3 per cent without underfloor heating 0.5 cm per cent.

      Before placing the concrete underlayment Underfloor must set a proper vapor barrier (Gold / Silver Dunes jute) to protect against moisture. Place the sheets with an overlap of 20 cm and secure it with aluminum tape.

      Carpeting is not a burlap correctly, you must remove all other carpet before putting the laminate. Coating laminate floor is recorded as "floating" floor, can not be fixed in the basement. Please use 2 mm burlap or other suitable foam PE underlying a maximum of 3 millimeters thick, and the transmission of sound insulation for floor noise insulation without SAS impact. Please put the leaves in the same direction as the panels. You must establish an open ground packages immediately.

      In general, you have three options for installing laminate flooring:

      1. Fast, glueless.
      2. Laying Clickseal or comparable to joint fillers. This ensures the soil is permanently protected against the effect of moisture on top. The ground may still be taken up and relaid.
      3. Laying with glue also provides permanent protection against moisture, however, the work is slow and complex and the soil and can not be reused.

      Lie Laminate

      If the walls are straight, if Please follow the wall line on the first row of panels and saw the signs accordingly. Before placing the panels to measure the depth of the first room. If the last row of panels of a width of less than 5 inches, which must be distributed evenly among the remaining data first and last row of panels so that the two lines are cut to size with the panel width.

      Keep a distance of 12-15 mm on the walls, heating pipes, columns, doorstops, etc. You can use shims to set the spacing distance. Expansion joints (at least 2 cm wide) are needed if area that is over 8 feet long or wide. Also note that it is also necessary to establish a continuous history for more than a room. Here are the areas that need be interrupted in the area of door frames. To this end, the patterns of use of our range. These movement joints can be covered with professional profiles adequate.

      Tip: Place signs along the line with the main light source!

      Start laying in the left corner of the room. The projection is minor groove must be facing layer. Place the first row of panels by joining two first and then each additional panel with installation assistance (panel cuts the language with the longitudinal profile). Tip: In general, you must configure the connection using the scope of the two joints of the head and, finally, to align the elements. This prevents damage to the seal panels.

      Now click on panel to determine, in a flat position, with the palm of your hand to get an effective pre-filtering is done the entire width of the panel.

      The dock panel is placed along the joint direction. Make sure the tapping sticks around 5-10 mm beyond edge. This ensures the surfaces of two joint commissions on equal terms with others. Repeat the above procedure to determine the set of the first row of panels. Use shims ensure separation of 12 -15 mm is kept away from the wall!

      Start the second row on the left by inserting the tongue length of the panel in place inclined angle of 30 degrees on the cheek groove bottom groups that have already been established (line 1) and turn down with light pressure. Start each new row with the remaining piece (at least 20 cm long) of the previous row. Space transverse joints between panels of a row and the other must be at least 40 centimeters.

      The following groups were introduced on the long side, then just before the head on the side is pressed against the front common recoveries.

      Play now on screen flat with the palm of your hand in the joint area until a blockage of the Cross in effect is obtained by the width of the panel. After locking the joints to gently tap the head with a hammer and wedge. The proper use of aid as well. Place all other panels by repeating the sequence.

      If necessary, close the transverse joints with a button on the side with a box impact. To cut the last row in the panel resize, rotate 180 degrees, place the decorative front side of the line already in place (location plays playing slot). Leave a between the wall on the front. Check the panel and cut. To avoid splintered edges should look like decorative side down if you use a saw Electric or circular saw to cut panels. Otherwise, I saw the setting up panels. If needed, use the pull rod to set the last sign on. After installing the panels to remove the spacers.

      Hoyos, who is 3 inches larger than the diameter of the pipe must be made for heating pipes. Saw an adapter piece V-shaped, glue, snaps into place and secure it with a corner until the glue has hardened. Then cover sections with radiator rosettes.

      Please use the chassis of the wooden door for a piece of insulation is placed under it, so laminate flooring can move without restriction in this case, if the Board of climate change.

      For a perfect finish on a wall, set on the plinth clips distances of 40-50 cm along the wall, then attach the baseboard cut to proper size.

      About the Author

      Ruth Shann has been an expert in wood flooring installation and finishing since 1999.


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