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What should I do if my phone fell into the water bowl?

I left my phone only for two seconds and my cats in any So my cell phone in his water bowl and I turn on my phone and the screen is blank .... What should I do? I do not want my parents to know, could blame the cat and myself, and can make cats for adoption: (What do I do?

I would do if I were u. .. Don if you want to spend on repairs then get a couple of screwdrivers and a way to open what you get into the parts and use a hair dryer at a minimum temperature, and dry for 30 minutes or so ... simple rite? Don not worry ... You try several times (I dropped my cell phone toiletbowl!) Or you can try these links ... Good luck!

My Perfect Mess

Nancy Roman
Litchfield, Connecticut

He had a rotten rating fifth. Although I did good grades, we have worked hard, was quiet and obedient, especially Sister Therese of Divine Heart hated disorder. And I so dirty.

Sister Teresa made us tie winter boots with clothespins, book bags to align perfectly with our line in windows and coverage of our books in brown paper. Plain white brown. Month of the school year, but is expected to have a simple drawing on a cover. I decade. I do not think I need to elaborate.

It was also agreed never to wear a headscarf to wear the day of the confession. So once a month, I confessed with a cloth bobby-starred in my head.

But in the eyes of Sister Therese, my handwriting was his purgatory. His writing is like the Declaration of Independence. Mine was how desperate people doodle in bathroom mirrors when they were removed.

At school, Santa Ana, its composition was the most important. That was fine with me. Who was a wonderful storyteller, and I knew. But in fifth grade, our monthly tests are proof. Because our stories should not only be very well written, which has been very well written.

Each student will write a first draft of "practice" - tablet cheap gray leaf community. We our attempts to bring both a sister. He had that look again, to correct our spelling and grammar by clicking teeth. Then in the drawer of his desk, she the hands of our black and white dotted lines of the composition of the book. The document in the book has been stapled to the center, so that the difference spiral notebooks, if you tore a sheet, the finished book ratted on you. Talk about leaving a paper trail.

Once we have our books, which would turn to the next blank page and a copy of our last test. With a fountain pen.

Give me a pen was given to a child a plate of spaghetti. Regardless with What I care - as I have deliberately all the letters - there is always something going wrong. A more like an ad, I always had a bump on the line crossed the T "of" never crossed pm, too. I do not want ink stains spread over. (I challenge each with a child of ten to find his son at the time and imagine what an old pen in hand.)

So my story would make me full of spots, stains, letters low, and errors, all I tried to repair. Sister Teresa would be furious.

"Mother Mary crying! Crying, holding the open book to all classes to see. Sister Therese of Divine Heart was a serious humiliator.

Then I get a nice black. These are small pieces of paper the size of a Band-Aid, black felt on one side and white on the other. You wrote your name on the side white and put the ticket in the black box that sat in front of the statue of the Virgin. I was supposed to be offering up our sins, but for the life of me, I've never understood why Mary want our sins first.

At the end of each month, Sister Teresa opened the box and read the name of a unit. How we feared to hear our names on the box. From ten bills have been very bad. Once bills accumulated a large number, you had to write his name in the Black Book. This could be considered the record of the hotel to hell. And I booked. On several occasions.

The school year is an eternity when you're ten. And when almost every day least, a moment of desperation, crawling, like Mass on Palm Sunday. But the Blessed Virgin should have known that no child should be on edge to forever, because when I got to sixth grade, my teacher was Sister Mary Regina.

Like all the nuns of Santa Ana, sister of Regina was strict. It was six feet high. His habit was arrested just before their ankles, so that he could see thick black stockings and heavy-soled shoes. She had great hands, fingers, like my grandfather.

Sister Regina In class, we March, the West Point cadets. Slouching was lazy, and laziness is a mortal sin. She had little tolerance for children and less gay problems for girls. And she loved science too my taste. But that was fine with me, because there was Sister Regina tickets black, no black box, not Black Book - Journal of composition and black and white spotted.

For our tests, Sister Regina had snow white paper with blue lines paler. And she has sold (at a cost, I hope) special ink pen.

"These pens are one hundred percent guaranteed never escape," he said. "You will never receive a sharp drop of ink to the point of spoiling his papers. "I bought a field, and when my grandmother gave me 50 cents for operating a race, I bought a replacement. I knew a bargain when I saw one. However, the idea of putting pen to test this glob this piece of blank paper was too much for bears.

When our task Sister Regina said the first test of school year, I hoped it was "How I spent my Summer Vacation. "Is not the case. Instead, we were told that" to describe something beautiful. "

On my way to school every day, I spent a tree it looked like another for most of the year - except in the fall when he does the most brilliant red. So I wrote on the red tree and, as always took me by surprise. Since I wanted to tell stories that describe things, the story was about a tree that has decided, quite deliberately, to stay green as long as possible, leaving all Other trees are senior to all surprised by the rotation of each sheet of purple over a night.

It was a story good enough a child of eleven years of age, once she got over the overhead in the thesaurus. (I had a little book called Little Green Book of synonyms, and apply generously.) Family Tree fire, ruby, purple, scarlet, vermilion, covered with blood like a rose, a tomato, an apple, a sunset. I was in the vocabulary of paradise and delighted my essay.

But I had to write the final draft of the paper blank. With a squeeze Death to my special pen, I afraid. The tears and cried throughout the White Paper.

Sister Regina came to my office. She leaned over me with his big size.

"What wrong with you? "He asked.

I looked away. I could barely respond. "I'm afraid you are mistaken," he said.

"What?" Sister Regina said.

So what? " What if I made a mistake? Suddenly, I felt the star of one of these Catechism fixed, as in Saint-Paul is retired from his horse. Because at that time, began to sing the angels and the clouds parted and the sun shone on my ruby tree. A teacher had actually said: "What!

Sister Regina leaned closer, the sail area to provide a small, private two of us.

"Look," he said calmly, "we all want to do everything we to be perfect, but sometimes just do not turn this way, because we're not perfect. If you are not satisfied when you are finished, and you think you can do better - is not perfect, as well - Well, just do it again. You can do this as many times as you want. "

I had great teachers that have guided and inspired me. But the words of Sister Mary Regina rates at that time have meant so much to me than anything I heard before or since.

In these few words, I learned one of the most reassuring lessons of life: you do not have to be perfect. Just see yourself. And there is no limit to the number of opportunities you.

I'm still confused. So what?

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