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Can you please tell me what is this jewel?

Hello, I'm sorry, but I can not give you an idea. My parents will not let me. : (My grandmother gave me this ring the last time I saw her, she never told me what type of stone is in it. It has a silver band with a wrapper around the stone. designed clamps really nice holding the stone in place. The same stone is Turquoise Hill 3 lines of coffee-like, and a brown circle (in the blue center) at the bottom of the stone (or up, depending on how you take it.) When the clocks jewel of light, brown in a green area, just lighter than green forests. And blue becomes brighter. Do you have any idea what this stone is it?

The stone is in its turquoise ring. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turquoise The link shows a picture of the type of tone you have and fits the description.

Tourmaline - a modern stone

When detected at source Tourmaline is usually long thin pieces of glass with variations of different colors that runs its length, searching for a crystal of a single color is a rare event. This wonderful jewel color is a rarity in itself, because it is the only gem which three prisms are facing in their crystalline structure.
Tourmaline is often given to celebrate eight years of marriage.
The tourmalines are found in a number of regions throughout the world with the best sources of Namibia, Nigeria, Tanzania and Zambia in Africa, and Brazil, Myanmar, Pakistan and Russia. In the United States of America California is an excellent source.

Because Tourmaline comes in a variety of colors, many different impurities are responsible for the creation of ringtones that are available range.
Inclusions iron, lithium, calcium, sodium, manganese and magnesium are just to name a few.
The Western world was introduced to Tourmaline precious stones in 1703 when Dutch traders began importing them from Sri Lanka. jewelry designers like to work with multiple different tourmaline shades of colors available to open a host of ideas, this jewel is undoubtedly a modern, gemstones and their popularity has sent up steep price increases over recent years. Tourmaline has a vitreous luster and glassy facets often with the stage or scissors cut display the color of stones or shed light on a potentially darker stone.

Bi-Tri and tams ... lots of rocks formed by two or three colors different and sometimes more. The variety that comes to mind of everyone is familiar as the watermelon is they have generally vibrant color pink represents the fruit pulp and be surrounded by lush vegetation that represents the crust. Good pink and green stones are found Africa and Brazil.

Indicolite ... are all different shades of blue stones from the deep blue of a sapphire blue and green turquoise throughout. Strong proportion of these precious stones are usually very dark and a common practice to heat treat to lighten the color and make them more attractive to the buyer. On a good standard blue Indicolite is the most expensive. A violet blue variety is known as Siberite Siberia.

Verdalite ... Green Tourmaline is the most common colors are bottle green or yellowish green. The most valuable and sought after is Emerald or chromium green Verdalite.
Yellow varieties exist, but are generally a yellow instead of pink and bright yellow. Africa, Brazil and Sri Lanka Offer good specimens.

... It Rubellite Tourmaline red varieties more desirable than red rubies.
A good Rubellite a pink to red, and these stones are becoming increasingly popular. A large number of low-grade stones are heat treated to improve their color.
Africa and Brazil are Good sources of red stones Madagascar and the United States.

Dravite impurities ... Magnesium is responsible for the color of these stones, which are usually orange and yellowish brown or brown. dark brown stones are often treated with heat to reduce and make more attractive. Very often, these stones change color when viewed at different angles which makes it popular in jewelry. Dravite is in Australia, Brazil, Canada and Mexico and California in the United States.

Piping ... the variety of the black stone of modern supply beautiful and most abundant is not used as a gem. However, the Victorian gem has been a very popular had to mourn the dead.

Paraiba Tourmaline was ... first mined in the 1980s in the Brazilian state of Paraiba.
It was a wonderful discovery that the mine has never been beaten bright green, purple and turquoise stones blue, which became known as Paraiba tourmaline neon so.
The demand was very important for these beautiful stones and now that the source of origin been exhausted and only a limited number of people continue to pay high prices for these gems.

The name is derived Tourmaline Sinhalese word "Tura Mali" which means "stone of mixed colors." For heating and cooling, and applying pressure for a crystal of tourmaline, it becomes electrically charged and attract dust particles, the Dutch first imported into Europe knew Tourmaline for this purpose. They used a stone to throw hot ash from their meerschaum pipes and called this stone "aschentrekker" which means literally ash extractor.
Tourmaline is a powerful influence on love and friendship, giving them permanence and stability. Same after wearing Green Tourmaline for one day, feel stronger physically. When a man wears Green Tourmaline, you will feel stronger, when a woman wears pink tourmaline largely fuel the nature of women. Pink Tourmaline is a powerful protector for both genders.

Tourmaline stones have a hardness of 7 to 7.5 on the scale Mohs, which makes it a perfect stone for everyday use. Tourmaline is a stone very difficult to match pairs, the range is wide. If the stones are rubbed or heated to convert Tourmaline in electric charge, which means they attract dust, dirt and lint, it will be cleaned more often than other gemstones. Tourmaline Jewelry is exciting, vibrant and refreshing colorful and certainly a modern gems.

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