Turquoise Round Gemstone

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How easily are other gemstones cut in the shape of a standard round diamond shape?

actual interest is in having a turquoise stone cut in the shape of a round diamond for an engagement ring,,, wanting something original & unique

You can cut turquoise into a round brilliant but it will not hold up as an engagement ring. It will scratch easily and will require re-cutting yearly to maintain it reflective surface. This stone of course will only have surface reflection and no internal brilliance. I would recommend blue zircon for a similar color and it has brilliance similar to a diamond. If you do want to cut a turquoise buy a little larger than you think you want so as you re-cut you will have many years till it is too small to use. You actually don't loose much when you re-polish. Choose a mounting that shows the entire stone, top and bottom to get the most out of this opaque stone.

AYpearl.com teach you How to mix with beautiful earring

Among the many women's accessories, the earrings are the most eye-catching, and many people often only care about style earrings, but ignored with their face, color, etc. with the coordination. The following sub-areas to tell you how to select to suit their earrings.
The first one According to the facial election earrings
Suitable earrings, pairs of faces can play a very good modification.
Face is too large should not use round earrings like shell earring, it is best to wear large earrings or a triangle, teardrop-shaped earrings, to reduce the broad sense of the cheek.

Little face The most photogenic face Suitable to use medium-sized earrings, preferably no more than 2-3 cm starting from the ear lobe. Coral earring is of this type.
Round face Can a foil-shaped earrings and a long vertical fall earrings, stretch to shape up and down the visual effects, it seems more mature and pretty.
Oval face that an oval face, oriental women's traditional standards of face shape. Wear any shape earrings results are good, but pay attention to the size of the earrings to be consistent with their overall feelings. As the outline of an oval face softer, so if you choose similar contour shape earrings, such as pearl earring, drop-shaped, circle or oval-shaped earrings are the best economical.
Square face Proper selection of elliptical, flower-shaped, heart-shaped earrings, can be a good relaxation and modification of facial water chestnut.
Long face The best selection of dense paste round the ear earrings, to reduce a sense of vertical extension.

Heart-shaped face the chin is more pointed face, you can choose the kind of bottom width, top and narrow rings, used to balance the feeling of sharp chin, drop-shaped, triangular or earrings is very suitable.
In addition, if the larger lobe, you can choose fine earrings; lobe smaller MM, should be chosen slightly larger earrings, make it look eye-catching highlights. Turquoise earring have an eye catching color and it is very popular.
The second measure According to the color selection Earrings
Also note that the choice of earrings and the color coordination.
Darker skin person fit to wear light-colored ornaments, a number of dark-colored ornaments can also have a choice to wear, but clothes are accompanied by good.
Light skin people should choose to wear dark. Depth compared with each other in order to produce better results.
Color than the white person lucky you actually are suitable for any color, accompanied by red, light pink, olive, etc., very nice to say.
In addition, the universal color - gold, suitable for all types of color!

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