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What should I use in Twilight / New Moon album?

Welllll do an album for my English class and decided to use the saga Twilight. mainly the twilight and new moon. I do not want to use only images, I use the most significant elements that represents the book ... eg I have a page with a blank space for a picture and say under Edward, then a label will be as if I had never existed. Like Bella Scrapbook. So Im going to have a page with a picture of the prairie and the Jacob Edwards car car .. just a bunch of stuff like that! Yes please help me some smart ideas as the idea of empty picture??

Maybe something to do with a motorcycle apple things to do with school meals, you must have a camera around of the school as Bella did you get large pictures you can have the memorys and use in your scrap book maybe write some quotes from heights weithering

Find the appropriate title for your scrapbook page

Find the appropriate title for your scrapbook page

If you're like me, you've been caught in a title for the album once or twice. The worst for me are the pages of holidays - Christmas, Easter Day Fathers, etc. Because I do at least one page for each of them every year, I'm always trying to think of something new and interesting. Not always easy for me.

Then I found a solution that I had not thought of before. A quote from a book can make a big title for your page, especially on this particular book or quote has meaning for you. You can find some good examples of this in my store, . All pages cites the use of the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer as the page title.

Once you start looking books for the utilization that you may be surprised by the wide range of subjects and situations that are available. You would think something like the novel would be easy to find, but with very little effort, you can also find quotes on employment, family relations, friends, places, leisure and time for the moment. With a little research on the Internet, you can find a quote for almost any page you can imagine. In fact, you should not be able to find a quote for all needs, but several. If you like short and sweet or longer and more detailed, funny or serious, poetry or prose, have a variety of options.

The title of the budget could refer the matter directly, as a quote on marriage or the love of a wedding page, but could also relate indirectly. If you make a page on your best friend, you can use a quote from a book preferred. If you make a page about an ancestor, perhaps you could use a quote from a popular book on this period. When you page on a child, you can include a quote from a book that I read this year. New Year's Resolutions page could include a budget who want to read a book next year.

Make major contributions titles for scrapbook pages. They are easy to find on the Internet, can refer to almost any topic, and may add a new dimension to your page. The possibilities are limited only by your creativity. Good Scrapping!

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