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What are materials and steps in making a pop up book?

If only materials that's fine.
A pop up book with common geometric shapes.
For example a rectangular prism or cone.
Thank you but I dont mean to glue the shape on the "chair". I need a legit cone to pop up or a prism to pop up.
i completely understand what you are saying but is not what i am looking for

As a paper crafter, I make my books out of chipboard and heavy card stock, which you can purchase from Stampin' Up! First you would cover the 2 chipboard pieces with the card stock and then decorate them like you want them. They will be the front and back covers of your book. Next, you would select the colors of card stock for your pages and decide what you want on each page. You will then measure your front or back cover and cut the card stock so that it is double the size of the cover. You will want the card stock to fold in the middle (at the spine of the book. On the inside of each page where you want your pop-up shape to be, you need to cut the card stock in from the fold about 1"( depending on the size of the pop-up shape.) Measure down another inch and cut in again about 1". When your card stock page is folded 90%, adhere the pop-up shape to the flat side of the piece that you cut. This piece only has the cuts on the sides of it and sort of looks like a "chair" at the spine when the page is folded 90%. If you want a pop-up on each page, you follow the same directions. Once you have glued your pop-up shapes on the "chairs" and made sure your pages fold evenly without the shapes showing when the book is closed, glue the two pieces of card stock together with Tombow Multipurpose Glue so that you have a front of the page and a back of the page. Place all of your pages in the order you want them to appear in your book, fold and sew down the center to make a book spine, tie them together in the center with chord, yarn or ribbon, or take it to an office store and have them bind it. Then you will adhere the front cover to page 1 of your book and the back cover to the last page of your book with more Tombow Multipurpose Glue. Cut another strip of card stock the same length as the spine of your book and so that it wraps around the front and back with about 3/4" showing on the front and the back. Adhere this strip to the front and back covers only with Sticky Strip...NOT to the spine of the book. This allows it to open and close easily. I wish I had a tutorial with pictures to show you, but I never took pictures of the ones I made. I was an Elementary School Teacher, but now I just make cards, scrapbooks, etc. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have at You may purchase any of the supplies you need to make a pop-up book on my website at, as well.


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