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Does anyone have the recipe for Muffin Uncle Sam has no fruit in it?

My mother is looking for South Beach Diet Cereal Sat Uncle muffin recipe. She said she was in the box, but replaces it with one that has fruit in it. He also told me it was in a book, but can not find it. I tried look online, but found that with fruit in it. Does anyone have a copy?

Ingredients wheat flour 2 / 3 cup stone-ground whole (unrefined) 1 / 3 cup of cereal v. Uncle Sam 2 ¼ c. powdered tea teaspoon baking ½ teaspoon nutmeg ¼ teaspoon cinnamon c. teaspoon salt 2 tablespoons Splenda Tea Ingredients B 1 egg ½ cup light cream 03.01 c. teaspoon vanilla (optional) ½ cup tablespoons canola oil (optional) Preheat the oven. Mix ingredients dry (A) in a bowl. Mix the wet ingredients (B) in another container. Pour the wet ingredients to dry ingredients and mix together until any handset. Do not overmix. When you lift the spoon, the mixture is the sum. Pour into muffin (large muffin tray gets 3). Bake for 20-25 minutes, let cool slightly, then serve.

If 2009 is the year you buy your first home, then Uncle Sam is ready to make a donation that equals 10% of total purchase. Known the owner's tax credit, the Obama administration had finally found a way to make buying a home much more delicious. Add in the fall of mortgage interest rates, falling housing prices, and it seems that Uncle Sam is not only a great way to sweeten the deal for aspiring homeowners, but also with a ribbon tied perfectly irresistible.

This gift is in fact a recovery of 10% outcrop and Reinvestment Act of 2009. Consumers are probably familiar with the discussions legislators debate the complexity of this rescue plan is unprecedented in the media and behind closed doors. As the debate began drawing to a close, Speculation about the real nature of mortgages is endemic and a lot of misinformation or outdated information as soon affect blogs forums and news websites. future owners were cautiously optimistic that it could mean the end of the housing market moving slowly.

Finally, upon approval of the law, details of new mortgage plan Uncle Sam has been released. interested owners can benefit from the tax credit if the home is purchased in 2009 primary residence. In addition, consumers should be able to demonstrate it is your first purchase of a house. The scope of the tax credit is 10% actual purchase price, but is capped $ 8,000. Unlike tax incentives under the previous Bush administration, Obama administration decided not to make this incentive repayable loan.

Of course, there are some limitations, for example, if a single taxpayer is seeking credit loans new mortgage, but earn more than $ 75,000 as adjusted gross income, he or she may not be able to take the full amount.

However, the $ 8000 gift tax made the calculation and speculation, ranging from those who want to maximize their mortgage advantage. Some seek to keep their payments to a reasonable minimum, and then turn around and use the tax credit to pay for the outstanding principal balance, reducing much interest on the debt. Others believe that credit as a useful way to reduce your overall tax bill.

Even those who are not too concerned about the placement of their tax obligations in the light most favorable to realize that no matter what, they could finish ahead game to $ 8,000. It's a lot of money, especially for those who had already decided that 2009 would be the year you buy your first principal residence. At this point, the only questions that remain open ground where to find a home, and also how to find funding in a credit market that seems to have prevailed heavily on the availability of consumer credit.

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