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HELP! Is it possible to put a custom language on the computer?

Ok, so my friends and I made a language for pleasure. Uses symbols and letters only. I wondered if there was a way to put it on your computer so that I can write, for example, a Word document my custom language. Is there a way to do free.

No, if it is a lot of work (programming and design characters.) And you need the operating system that mod is a bit illegal, but if you want make a custom font ... Yes, but take time and need to find a program for making fonts. I think XP has a built in editor or the creator of characters, you can try to open the Run box and type charedit.exe but I can not guarantee that it is his name. As for Vista do not think he has, but you can take this program in Windows XP and copy C: Windows System32 Vista and it works


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