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Does anyone else give the man points for Coca-Cola?

It was a user who has provided a code used to MY.COKEREWARDS.COM he said he would give the person of 200 points if you get 10 points for its use. Is it a fraud. He gave her a bottle of stitches used, and he initially denied. I went to the site and confirmed CAP codes were used. I asked again for the code valid points, he said he had to give. The code was 1008f8cky0u5 NOT WORK. If you look While this code is a phrase NASTY embedded in it - tells you what kind of person he is - the name is Tim and email Archdale MyCokeRewards200@Yahoo.Com NO. Not codes give you this guy steals it and gives nothing in return. Be careful !!!!!

No, never gv any point. Good to know. Gave codes but has not offered anything in return. While accumulate Because there is here sometimes. Thanks!


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