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what is a reasonable amount to ask a car dealer to take off the price of a car being negotiated?

i am looking to purchase a relatively new or brand new car really soon (within a week). i used to think that asking a dealer to drop $1000 off the sticker price was much until my coworkers told me that they'd asked for and received $3000 off the sticker price of a brand new car... after lengthy haggling but hey it was succesful. how much of a price drop have you asked for, not felt embarrased about, and actually got?

To calculate how much to offer the dealer, you must determine how much they paid for the car and offer them a fair profit.
The road to saving cash on your car is paved not by chiseling off MSRP, it's by making an informed offer over dealer's cost based on the car's value. You must be patient and research first, don't rush to buy without a game plan. Ask to see the factory invoice for the car.


The dealer's net cost of the car is usually much less.

How To Read A Factory Invoice
The factory invoice lists the base model of the car, and all option packages, floor mats, body trims, etc. It also lists destination charge, holdback and dealer flooring assistance. But the dealer gets the holdback and floor plan back from the factory after they sell the car, so have them remove it. Destination charge is not refundable, we pay the dealer, the dealer pays the factory. I have 2 examples below to get you familiar with reading invoices. One is for a cow, the other is an actual invoice I have for a 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse. Note how the fees add up, and Mitsubishi loves to charge YOU for holdback and flooring assistance, double collecting. Don't believe the "invoice" the dealer tears off the printer it's no invoice. The invoice is a copy of the actual invoice with the car maker's logo on it and the dealer's address for delivery. Don't confuse the "invoice" with the white MSRP window sticker!

How much did the dealer really pay for that car?
This is a well guarded secret. They'll pull out the "factory invoice" and offer "$1 over invoice". They are not required to show you the invoice. There are hidden factory incentives built into this "invoice price" that reduce their cost. If they are quick to show you the invoice, you know they are making money, and can settle for even less. This info is your most powerful ammo in negotiating with the dealer. They'll convince you that you can afford the car at MSRP, diverting attention away from "is it worth this price". Do the same to them. Tell them how much profit they'll make with your offer. You've just turned the tables on them. In case you missed Chapter 2, here's the top internet car price sites to look up dealer cost, invoice price, options prices, etc: from Yahoo!Autos, InvoiceDealers, CarsDirect, Edmunds.com, Cars.com, Autoweb, Autos.com and Car.com.

Cow Dealer Example
Basic Cow $499.95
Shipping and handling 35.75
Extra Stomach 79.25
Two tone exterior 142.10
Produce storage compartment 126.50
Heavy duty straw chopper 189.60
4 spigot/high output drain system 149.20
Automatic fly swatter 88.50
Genuine cowhide upholstery 179.90
Deluxe dual horns 59.25
Automatic fertilizer attachment 339.40
4 x 4 traction drive assembly 884.16
Pre-delivery wash and comb (Farmer Prep) 69.80
Additional Farmer Markup and hay fees 300.00
TOTAL LIST PRICE (including options) 3143.36
For a cow that's worth maybe $2500.

Car Dealer Example
1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse 3 Door $18580
Destination Charge $435
Floor Mats $50
Preferred Value Package $2571
Sales Promotion Fund $100
Dealer Advertising Association $484
Holdback $371
Dealer Flooring Assistance $185

TOTAL LIST PRICE (including options) $22776
They want you to pay $1140 extra in fees???!!!!!

Factory to Dealer Incentives:
From the factory to the dealer to stimulate sales. Incentives are common at the end of a model year to allow the dealer to reduce the price of the car to sell it, and still make a profit. Many dealers don't lower the price, more icing on their cake.

Not all leather seats are created equal

It seems that all the furniture in the house, recliners in fabric or leather make the most severely blows. Children plop on them and bring them to rest without thinking about how the mechanism works. They flop on the arms of the chair (if he is lying supine and standing) or rely on the back of the chair and tip it backwards (also performs this maneuver the wheelchair in any position). Children eat, drink and play with all sorts of things in a chair. It is not surprising, as parents, they want something that is sustainable! When it comes upholstery fabric, you can not overcome the hard leather. leather recliners past. Initially, it can become a little more to buy it President lasted over a padded saddle cloth up 4-1. However, you must remember that all leather is created. Let us look at the three main types of leather (remember that there are dozens of sub-categories) and what to look for to ensure you get what you pay.
First, the leather is high quality full grain or grain leather upper. It makes the top layer of the skin, the part where the hair should be removed from the skin. What you see is what happens, this type of leather is real, because no nothing to conceal all the spots on the skin. Remember that the leather used to decorate the living, breathing animal. This animal may have been bitten insects, scratches and scars of run ins with barbed wire, "burn" more than scratch the neck near a railway or manure away takes them to his hideout for a long period without being eliminated.
The grain can vary in grain leather, as healed scars, or wrinkles, streaks or bands (yes, he knew, stretch marks can be interesting if you are a cow!). But the natural, which offers good breathability. Suitable for both the environment and body temperature. It ages well, developing its unique patina. leather reclining leather full grain aniline or higher is finished or semi-aniline. This creates a skin soft, supple, which finds itself with a natural finish - no stain.
The second type of leather is commonly called corrected grain leather, but may also be designated as silver, embossed or polished. This type of leather is made from premium leather, but has been sanded or polished down, because it does not meet the standards required of a full grain leather. The leather came from cattle that had a rough life, your Skin has many problems. Skins polishing most of these flaws, then an artificial grain applied. Often, this type of leather is dyed with pigments to hide even more imperfections. You will find many leather recliners <a href="http://www.leatherfurniture.com"> </ a> in several colors with a soft leather Nice napped.
The third, and poorer quality leather you have to look after leather, grain is divided. A cowhide is thick enough, so that the skin is divided, often more than once. The high quality grain upper layer higher, and what remains is leather match. This type of leather is not the point, is the fibrous part of the skin, tissues, and this structure is not only very strong. Sweden is very good for many things (like suede), but not good for furniture.
So next time you buy a pair leather seats (and he for her), make sure you get high quality leather for the chair will last for many years to come. A full leather flower can be better, but if your price range, good correction leather seats also leather very nice and good quality.

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