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anybody have expierence with making fur rugs from raw pelts?

I own an upholstery shop and hunt with hounds. Normally I sell all my hides at auction after the season ends. However a couple years back I decided to tan and keep a few small hides for personal projects. My hides look good. However they are stiff and flat with no feet. I would like to learn how to preserve the claws on the hide and possibly stretch the head over a form. I am working with a 25lb. bobcat. I have made a mock skull with a flat bottom from white spruce. I would prefer the eyes and mouth closed. I figure I will do a few coons maby a fox before I try this cat. Any input would be great. Once I get the hide done sewing felt to the hide will be easy considering I own an upholstery shop.

There are several differents methods used for tanning rabbit skins.
The process involves softening, removal of the fat and flesh, and removal of
oil in the skin.
Open the skin along the ventral side and scrape adhering flesh and fat from
the skin using a knife or similar object. Removing all oil is very important
for proper tanning. Working the skin in fat solvent is desirable to remove the
last traces of fat.

How to Properly Clean Leather

Leather is one of the very first fabrics that was used to wear. It has had a rich and diverse history from its beginnings. The uses for leather are many including clothing, shoes, luggage, furniture and upholstery in automobiles. It is a beautiful and natural fabric that is long lasting and breathable. When you choose an item made from leather you are investing in an item that will last for years if it is properly cared for. You will want to know how to clean your leather items. Improper cleaning can ruin your leather.

There are several types of hides. The process used to preserve the hide determines the type. A piece of leather can be smooth or suede or dyed in one of several different ways. It can also be coated or naturally tanned. Different handling will be necessary for the different ways the leather has been dyed. You will find that a product that works wonderfully for one type of leather can permanently damage another. Read and follow the manufacturers instructions for the care of your leather item.

There are some general rules to follow for the cleaning of leather. The rules can apply to a variety of different leather items. Leather items will require a certain type of environment. They should not be too wet or too dry, and not too hot or too cold. It is the extremes that will cause the damage to your leather item.

Leather must breathe. This is because it is a natural fabric. You should store your leather items in an area that is cool and will have proper air circulation. Make sure that you don't store your items in direct sunlight, this will fade the color. If you have leather furniture you will want to arrange your room so that direct sunlight does not fall on your furniture. A car with leather upholstery will need to be stored in a garage to protect the seats.

Your leather will also begin to dry over time. If it is stored in heat or sun the drying process will be quicker. Moisture should be used to prevent drying from happening to your leather. Conditioners are made for this purpose. You are also keeping items from soaking into a dried out piece of leather.

You might find it difficult to remove stains from your leather items. You should make sure to only use products that are made to be used on leather. Test the product on an area that is not visible first to make sure that you will not harm the leather. If you are treating one glove of a pair you will want to be sure to treat both gloves. This will help the gloves maintain a matching color. You can successfully treat a small spot with alcohol or cuticle remover used with a cotton swab. You will be removing a layer of the leather so you should make sure you test it out before you apply.

For cleaning the upholstery in cars you may need to find someone experienced in this task. If you make sure that you keep the upholstery clean and wipe up any spills that occur you should be able to keep your cars interior looking clean and beautiful.

Some finishes used on leather can be stained permanently if they are treated with water or other liquids. You should clean the affected material immediately before the liquid has a chance to soak in.

You should make sure to wash any leather at least twice a year. The cleaning should be done by hand and with a very gentle cleaner made for leather. You use this product by making suds in a bowl and using the suds only. Make sure that the cloth you are using is just barely damp. After you wash the leather you will want to completely dry and buff the area with a separate cloth. Make sure you thoroughly condition the leather when you are finished with the cleaning. You will be adding an extra layer of protection with the conditioner from future spills and stains. Your manufacturer can tell you what type of conditioners will work best for your leather item.

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