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At Die Cut Machines your source for Die Cutting Machines and Crafting Supplies we hope the Use Cricut Expression products and information here meets your needs.

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Cricut What is the best for me?

I am an amateur scrapper and all that is typical to use scrapbook paper format. I save or invest in the Cricut Expression.

Much depends on what you use. I have a regular Cricut love that saved me a lot of time and money on ornaments and letters, expressions used friends in the retirement and he loved it because you can do great things as mats for photos. the ideas are endless with this machine, you can buy 12 24-mat and paper. I'd love to have one, is waiting. (No money. If you can sell and get Cricut Expression, I'd go for her.

Waste can become art

Popularly known as electronic waste, electronic waste, or waste electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) the term is intended to obsolete, discarded, broken appliances and electronics, almost all families have guilty of shooting. A popular means removing the old and battered telephones, televisions, laptops and computers through landfills. Another way is to export you can use electrical and electronic equipment to developing countries.

And that's where the shoe pinches. The United Nations Environment reported that 50 tons of electronic waste is thrown each year. United States, reports indicate that 70% of landfills are filled with electronic waste. With this high percentage and fact that e-gadgets are part of daily life in Weston comes from the Leaders of Tomorrow program, which promotes awareness of electronic waste and health risks that go with it. This is supported by the Conservation Foundation of Greater Toronto and the TRCA W. Garfield Weston Foundation.

Two classes of Grade 6 XVI Avenue Public School Richmond Hill, with their teachers, has launched a campaign to fight against the global problem. The students participated and presented their views on waste electronics by participating in the Toronto and Region Conservation Weston Environmental Leadership Program in the morning. They shared their views on waste Electronic and showed through illustrations, essays, poetry and letters. His works buildup of electronic waste that are painted and written with their concerns and points of view are presented in the Royal Museum Schad Gallery of Ontario (ROM) during the month.

Araby Porter, a teacher in 6th grade, said the program had a significant impact on the students regarding how they think and rethink the issue electronic waste. She also believes that the program leaders of tomorrow Weston was a revelation to students the importance of e-waste problem. Penny Lam, a professor of the sixth year, has expressed his admiration for the works of art that their students do. She said that her students have created an excellent job and delivered a message on the importance of the issue of electronic waste is. Students, on the other hand, are also very pleased with the campaign. And with that, the students are planning a new project, a research project on electronic waste.

Also works of art made of waste electrical and electronic drums, make a statement to the expression Cricut You can also do it. Look for information Cricut and have your say on WEEE.

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