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What can i do for valentines day and where can i take my gf for dinner?

What can i do for valentines day and where can i take my gf for dinner?
im pretty bad at surprises or setting up events for my girlfriend. can i get some help for this valentines day. i live in Southern california (los angeles, riverside) any suggestions for dinner? surprise events?

Well since you live in So Cal you know it will probably be raining but you and gf could still enjoy V Day. How about you taker to Red Lobster or the Olive Garden. You could feed the two of you for about $40. Then maybe a movie or something. That's what my bf and I are doing 😉

Enjoy Your Valentines Day With Special Gifts

Valentines Day Gifts: How to choose the perfect Valentines Day Gifts for Her or Him

Buying Valentines Day gifts is dangerous territory. Romance is in the air so you need to ensure that your Valentines Day gifts say just the right thing. It makes no difference whether you are looking for Valentines Day gifts for her - or a gift for the man in your life - the gift you give says something about how you feel. They can say romance, friendship, ‘I Fancy You’ or even ‘We’re Finished’ (although that’s usually not the intention).

Here are a few tips to make sure your Valentines Day gifts say what you want them to say.

Valentines Day Gifts that say Romance

Cupid, chocolates, hearts and flowers – Valentines Day is all about love. Red roses say romantic love and a bottle of bubbly always goes down well, but what else can you do? Jewellery is always popular if you’re buying gifts for her. Cufflinks are a classy choice if you’re buying gifts for him. Either way a romantically inscribed wall plaque can help express your true feelings better than any cheesy Valentines card. (But don’t forget the card either.)

Valentines Day Gifts that say Friendship

You can love your friends but you might not ‘love’ your friends. Valentines Day can be a particularly tricky gift giving time for friends of the opposite sex. You want to show that you care but you don’t want them to get the wrong idea – or for your better half to get the wrong idea either. In fact, if you do have a partner it’s probably better to skip this one altogether. If however, you’re young free and single, keep the tone light with funny and unique gifts – funky mugs, alarm clocks and cheap handbags are all safe bets.

Valentines Day Gifts that say I Fancy You

Then again, you might want to use your Valentines Day gift for him or her to show someone how you really feel. You’ll want a gift that show’s thought and consideration – and that means unique gifts. But unique doesn’t have to mean expensive. You can spend just a few pounds on a unique gift and team it up with something else to make it extra special. Instead of giving flowers, give flowers wrapped in a brand new handbag. Don’t just give jewellery; give jewellery gorgeously draped over a classic jewellery stand. And if you can’t quite muster the words yourself, try an  ‘I Love You’ wall plaque secretly placed on their desk at work.

Valentines Day Gifts for Yourself

Valentines Day is often the time that single people like to keep their heads down and dive into a big tub of ice cream while others flaunt their good relationship fortunes. So if you are in need of a little comfort this Valentines Day, why not buy yourself a gift. Soft toys are always a good bet when you’re feeling a little lonely. Of course, you might just get that card from your secret admirer in the post – and if you do you’ll need a quick fix Valentines Day gift at hand.

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