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Contactlenzen, contact lenses â € "give your eyes special care, the freedom to use specifications

Contactlenzen, contact lenses are different forms of the name â € ™ € ~ Contact Lens have long used by many people worldwide. It is a great comfort people who need glasses to correct vision, but do not want to use the glasses in any way. A contact lens can be regarded as a corrective lens, therapeutic or cosmetic. The cornea of the eye is a lens where it is placed. day lenses modern of its type are very soft and the invention was made by Otto Wichterle and Lim Drahoslav, Czech chemical. You can hardly understand if the person in front of it uses a contact lens or just looking around. They are easy to use, because contact lenses are usually mild.

A very light blue used in most types of Contactlenzen, contact lenses because of the visibility of the water during the dive. In addition, you will find the contact lenses of different colors to make eyes look different. The use of lenses Color was also part of fashion lately. Objectives for use by people of different countries are different due to the difference in climatic conditions and the physiology of the eye. Contact lenses are used for different purposes. They offer people a wider range vision of shows with. There are some sports where the use of contact lenses are still comfortable and attractive.

Well that activity in the learning mechanism of the human eye, Leonardo da Vinci discovered a method of modifying directly power of the cornea. This person crowd of mind, then, is known for bringing the concept of the principle of general contact lenses. The first cover tolerable eye was produced by a German glassblower, FE Muller in 1887. The first real contact lenses have been developed 1949. And the first Contactlenzen, polymethylmethacrylate contact lenses (PMMA) has been the acceptance of the public in 1960. hydrogel contact lenses modern Silicone entry market in 1999.

Contactlenzen, contact lens neutralizes the mismatch between the refractive power of the eye and the length of the eye. Otherwise, leading to an error of refraction. It also allows appropriate targeting of light on the retina. conditions eye that can be corrected with contact lenses are presbyopia, myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. Lenses Contact must be prescribed immersed in a solution that cleans the most used. Casting, spin-cast glass, hybrid, cutting lathe are some common types contact lenses.

The materials are mainly used in the manufacture Contactlenzen, contact lenses are Polymacon, Senofilcon, A Methafilcon, A phemfilcon, A Omafilcon, A Hilafilcon, A Galyfilcon, A Tetrafilcon, Balafilcon A, B and B. lotrafilcon Hilafilcon These factors become very important when selection of contact lenses are a prominent person, material, thickness at the center, the power in diopters, the axis of the cylinder, the radio base curve and diameter. popular brands of contact lenses are Bausch & Lomb, CooperVision, Focus, Frequency, Ultraflex, Purevision, Soflens, Biomedics, CIBA Vision, Vertex, Acuvue, Biofinity, Extreme H2O, and Freshlook Proclear. A website called â € ~ € ™ contactlensâ Here was founded in 2001 has served many people throughout the world with many of those trademark glasses. Research in this area is consistent throughout the world for the manufacture of lenses contact better.

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