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Can transfer on glass scroll?

I am totally in the fog of the arts and all things craft. & I had my boyfriend a beta fish for Christmas .. and I bought this cup to put the fish on vellum and bought lots of love and friendship DCWV Quote I can put the quotes in the cup ... but I have not the DEA, if I can do now .. some can help please?

Get things to stick on the glass is hard, but there must be a way. I can use glue. Find something that dries clear and adheres to the glass. Mod Podge should. Use a brush to get the paper soaked with glue, then brush some on the glass where you want, paste, then brush over the top. The tail will probably look cloudy and cold, to clean the glass to come, so keep that in mind and clean out any excess Glass wants to stay glassy. GL, I hope your project works!


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