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True or False: The surface of the hair on a velvet cloth was created with the son of chenille in the frame.?

I have a test house for my kind of textiles. I can not find an answer anywhere in my textbook. In total on the velvet cloth is that it is cutting filament child in the current stack size. Specfiy But if the cable is the son of caterpillar.

False. If the son of the track had been used, the back of the fabric that have a lot, too. Velvet is woven with two fabrics face to face and the curvature of overtime worked between them - when additional court between the two tissues to the work of two pieces at once, or are woven on a loom son raised a number of additional channel loop is cut. id = PA352 & pg = PA352 & dq = & + SshI5QYlgKMC LPG = velvet and tissue source = bl & ots = & sig = MrhtPJZreO KORuQABfUtrGNrA3yyWN2jKlvbE & hl = en & ei = S5UWS8bzAoPOsgOIz-CMBA & sa = X & oi = & book_result ct = result & resnum = 2 & ved 0CAwQ6AEwATgU = v = # onepage & q = Velvet Weaving & f = false

Machine Made Carpet

In the twentieth century, excellent carpet started to be produced on looms operated by steam or mechanical. Due to the nature of the process that is usually woven in long strips rather than the average stack is hand-woven natural. Trades has been improved to allow the fabric mat of considerable breadth, rather than older, which were composed of strips sewn together like the old carpet.

Matt root is one of the former tissue machine. It is made of strips of a meter wide, ranks better than any wool, while lowering of certain grades of cotton is used. The design is produced by up and down two sets of son so that the fabric is reversible. The color of the earth a side is the figure of the other. Declined to use the latest fabrics began to take the products most interesting and varied, ideal for placing in front of a fireplace.

Brussels carpet, usually 27 inches wide yarn, wool, in the form son of uncut velvet loop to form the battery cables. Several rounds of son, usually six, are used, each a different color. The filling, which shows the rear, can be of any material.

The battery is not cutting, is difficult, thin and strong, and wears better than cut pile, as it resists wear and does not absorb dust. The term is used the body to distinguish Brussels Brussels tapestry, imitation declining quality in which the design is printed on the son instead of using separate threads of different colors.

Wilton carpet is woven in the same manner as Brussels, except that the battery is short, so it is softer and more luxurious, but less resistant to wear. Velvet Wilton is an imitation of Wilton, is like a tapestry Brussels, but with a haircut.

Axminsters are made using a process similar to making an Oriental rug on the loom machine son tufts of wool fabric seal. They are usually made small all about patterns that repeat themselves, and they are beautiful and durable, but cheaper grades are lower and lighter Wilton and Brussels.

chenille rugs are similar to axminsters in the design and texture, if they had done something different. The strands of yarn that form the first battery strips, steamed so that all ends up and the bands were then joined by a son of the linen warp. He is a former tissue type, very strong and durable, but expensive.

Rugs can be made into any size and can be woven to order in one or two tones. Smyrna is similar, but better cheap, with two equal sides, while one side is chenille. Material is not of Eastern origin, as its name suggests, but in general, are woven oriental motifs.

In all these tissues, the tissues heavier and more expensive are more durable. Lighter grades generally contain more material and workmanship lowest poor it is better to buy the real economy. Their score is used worsted yarn, made from the longest and strongest fibers of wool. Besides wool and other materials are sometimes used, such as jute and hemp, sometimes mixed with wool as an adulterant.

They, however, much weaker, because they deteriorate rapidly, especially in damp places or in front of fireplace wood burning inserts, and thus not suitable for temporary use. Bedding, carpet fibers and grass also, and are especially good for summer because they are light and washable. They are flat woven without pile. Many of them are nice in design and color, and low cost is an advantage.

The new varieties have been introduced, and porches, summer houses and rooms are generally more appropriate. Variety Wiltons of possible conception, Brussels, and axminsters is very large. Can be obtained on the effects of friction, and modes of production.

Museums Famous Parents have, in some cases selected for reproduction, and the best are just below the reality of the East, except that generally a certain hardness in the product by hand. Copies have been made before and sewn into strips, and some still do, but woven a room are much higher.

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