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How I can find vintage beads from Germany in bulk?

Hi, how I can find vintage Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and plastic beads in bulk? Alibaba and Tradekey shall not be of help. I do not want to buy on Etsy so I know where the Etsy / sellers get their stock on eBay. I trawling and trawling the Internet and it seems the only place to buy these vintage beads, America, I'm in the UK and it seems silly to buy grains U.S. vintage Europe. I would be eternally grateful if someone could help me. Thank you for taking the time to read this and hope to help big smiles xx

Unfortunately, is very hard to find vintage beads in bulk these days, and the worst is that, for some reason, the United Kingdom and Europe are the places to find absolute. The Most vintage wholesale accounts (even some rare vintage retailers like me) spend years combing through "Roots" the sale and craft businesses evicted to find an opportunity, if only a few catches (why not "vintage" usually costs more than their "modern" counterparts). I was lucky a few years ago such a sale - I found an old art and crafts in the store, near Miami which was scheduled for demolition and the bank had ruled out the place a public auction for the entire interior, including loads of vintage beads my joy! I bought what I could (almost $ 2,000 worth phew!), but to my dismay I discovered when I got home there was virtually no information about its origin or even what the companies well, just a name on several sacks - The Dacal, W Germany - but after two years I've found almost nothing on UGG! In any case, I think the reason America seem to have more luck (I am a child by the British, despite living in the U.S. at present) with vintage / antique wholesale accounts must that during the 1920s (the time of the valve) of the 70 there was an enormous increase of all kinds accounts for almost everything, from shoes to clothes to hair, especially acrylic / lucite in the crystal, as they were easier and cheaper to obtain abroad. Unfortunately, also his undoing, because they were "cheap" were just as quickly thrown away. Who would have thought 30 years ago these same accounts would be today if you want huh? If I had known then what I know now ... Ugh, I have kept the pearls of my childhood lol! PEE! So sorry but I have no time, but I hope that answered your question a bit. I know it gets very discouraging, but do not give up, when you think you'll never find anything, they will be there. I recommend for now to keep an eye on local ads in the UK, a After finding a treasure of old accounts and issues sequins in a sale of goods outside of London. I know that I'm wrong here, but I used to comb the obituaries page to view had passed over and had the family of the public auction of the items the father, but my oh my it was worth it! As for me, I have several types of grain crop for sale (mainly Lucite / seed) at a very reasonable and I would be happy to send a package as well. My online store is being rebuilt after a problem area / change in name of the store, so if you are interested in me so please contact me at any time. Ta and Good Luck! 🙂

Antique and Vintage Jewelry African

The first movements of human beings have certainly been heard in the dark continent that is Africa. Artistic expressions They were also first exposed in caves in Africa and in the same manner as the initial jewelry is jewelry Africa. Excavations have shown snail shell and beaded jewelry used about 75,000 years Blombos in South Africa. Similarly necklaces and bracelets of gross animal bones, teeth and stone, and ostrich shell accounts dating back 40,000 years in time have been found in Kenya. It was confirmed that the ancient Egyptian jewelry and gold jewelry in the glass used.

If you study the equatorial forest there is enough evidence to suggest that they have exchanged in ivory and gold for copper, brass, coral and glass beads for jewelry museum. women to add to its natural resources and attract the eyes of the arrogant young men used brass Ornaments hip! The lost wax process was used later in the 13th century to make bracelets in Nigeria. The ancient Africans of this region also made use of glass beads and clay beads for jewelry settings.

The second region of Africa is the Sahara. This region has been dry since time immemorial and it was difficult for local people to find anything but skins of dead animals their jewelry. However, Silver Cross has been transmitted from generation to generation in this region. The materials were purchased by trade been designed in bold geometric designs and simple Museum "> museum of jewelry.

The savanna region is the third region of Africa. In this context, the use widespread copper and brass has been observed. Their women have used iron and Copper necklaces and jewelry simple spirals and rings.

The title line = "jewel of Africa" Jewels of Africa "is composed of the ring complex and large slopes. These earrings are long, keeping the old patterns and hanging ears. Jewelry Necklaces Museum Africa in general is made of a stack grain. A group of West Africa

Earrings silver gilt Crescent is the most attractive as a Fertility Doll earrings sterling silver Akuava.

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