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How do I use tape on the seam binding?

I am sewing a vintage dress for a model that calls on the seam binding. As a beginner, I asked an employee Joann help me find a link ... It led sewing instead of what appears to sew a hem band. How I can use this as seam binding, and if I was misled, which I use instead? It will be used on the sleeves. Thanks!

Although it is a vintage model, does not want use the techniques of the time. Are you sure you want or need seam binding? Depending on the type of fabric you are using another type of edge finish can be better. As an added overlock (ok, if you are a beginner you may not have access to overlock) or a benefit or a zigzag folded and sewn edge. Is this your material enough large to support lacing fun no? So tell us more, please. What kind of fabric is used? Most of the dresses are not too heavy fabrics, seam binding and may be too large. I rarely use seam binding sewing the edges for me. I use to force the edges out, and armholes, neckline or hem.


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