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Vintage Patterns Lutterloh someone?

Hello everyone! Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I have a new hobby - sewing! I'm so vintage Der Goldene Schnitt and found Lutterloh system! It's a beautiful system and I was wondering if anyone has some advice for me. So if anyone has any links or references to where I can buy or find vintage models Lutterloh. I've seen some on Ebay that I am making an offer, but I wanted to know if anyone knew someone under the radar? Thanks!

I belong to many yahoo groups for machine embroidery is my passion. I did a search for you and came up with this group of Yahoo. I am that you will find lots of useful information through them. fun.

Why buy recycled clothes?

Why buy new when you can have a costume designer for 50 pounds or dollars? Karen Powell explains second-hand should not be second best.

I meet friends for dinner with a classic linen shirt, Armani trousers and jacket with vintage. In some point during the night, the conversation turns to clothing. Revelo my computer is second hand and the three pieces is less than 50 years. His eyes widen and lower jaws. Dead silence. I take this opportunity to share more of my passion for fashion second hand.

Charity shops, vintage shops and shopping online is the most active with the trappings of fashion, usually second-hand clothing and second hand, recycled, used, used, as new and vintage. These shopping destinations alternatives offer variety and value. Basic T-shirts to designer prosecution, most items I found a lack of use, elegant and low cost.

I still brag every time you buy new rather than help me to reduce the flow of textile waste went to landfill. In addition, buying time conservation of natural resources used in the manufacture of new clothing.

Before he could finish, my friends bombarded me with questions: Where is the best place to buy? Are there many choices? "I can negotiate? Stains and odors? Heres what I say:

Knowing where to shop

Success in search of used clothes that fit your style and your budget depends largely on where you shop.

Basic mode: If youre looking for casual clothing every day, but classical or contemporary, see the biggest chains of charity. You will find a wide selection of women, men and children's clothing and accessories of different brands at the show in excellent condition. Prices are low to moderate. Basic mode can be easily found at garage sales, flea markets and small shops and second hand.

Labels Design: A pet store company is the place to go water if you prefer moderate to designer brands of high range. Some sell exclusively to women? clothing for children? clothing, for example. While others offer clothes for the whole family. You'll find a wide variety of clothing luxury good to excellent condition. Although you'll pay more than the price in stores, charity, savings are large compared to buying new.

Vintage: For those of you who like the look of yesteryear, it is best to go directly to shops Vintage, vintage exhibitions Sales of goods and online sites of the auction. Sometimes I'm lucky to find free time in charity shops and bazaars. Due to the popularity retro fashion, selection and prices vary by style, age and where you shop.

Verification status

Before you buy a check for the second part of the wear and stains especially in areas that could not be immediately visible on the inside necklaces and bracelets, groin and armpits. Please note: all the food, ink, rust stains may be difficult or impossible to remove.

One of the items or for reasons of moth holes, and maintain the garment in the light. If do not have what it takes to repair, he must leave items behind.

Most odors as it should, perfume and smoke can be removed. Always wash your purchases of second hand before adding to your wardrobe or a drawer.

Save time and money

Keep one eye and the reduction of special sales. clothing stores often offer discounts every day, as well as discounts on holidays and events store.

Time your purchase in the stores of the projected population. Some resale stores put new issues on the floor every day, others can share once a week on a given day.

Resale stores are performing no, no exchange policy. If you are looking to match a given color or style to something in your closet, put this with you when shopping. If youre shopping for someone other than yourself, write some basic measures.

Course to negotiate when you shop in flea markets, garage sales, antique shows and antiquarians. Always ask: Is this your best price? or Will you take (name your price) for this?

Donate clothes or deliver non desired and home fabric discards in a usable condition to charity and consignment. Their recycling efforts can earn money.

Be creative

If you do not find what you need, you do! Theres a lot of creative potential in clothing second hand and other textile products discarded items such as linens, bedding, curtains, ornaments customized apparel using recycled embroidery dye or fabric paint. Combining the characteristics of a point to another to create an original design. Consider sheets, curtains, tablecloths and meters making new clothes with a sewing pattern business or yourself.

Katherine is a product designer and product sewn 2ndHandMade, a collection sewing guides for making textile products used in new issues. She shares her approach to fashion product resource life than oneself through a series of creative reuse classes she teaches in San Francisco.

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