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What materials can be used as tray liners?

I'm looking online at "self adhesive decorative paper Contact LP "I'm working on a decorative wooden box for storage, I want to be inside a covered structure with self-adhesive. There has to be airtight, but not I want to be very easy to score. Do these products? (The decorative paper contact adhesive vinyl)

Yes, it is likely that the work but they kind of take off easily. What about wallpaper? Use spray adhesive to get it to stick, if not already pre-glued. I found the screen is much better. GL!

Contact Dermatitis

Dermatitis means inflammation of the skin. Any number of things can cause irritation of the skin and sometimes the diagnosis must be less interest on the suffering part of the solution. Poison Ivy types of eczema and contact dermatitis.

Contact dermatitis is an allergy to something touching the skin. Most cases involve a rash that can include itchy, red blisters that may ooze, and then develop crust. In most cases the rash disappears when you remove the allergen, but sometimes if the allergen has been in contact with the skin for a while, the rash may last for days or weeks after the allergen is removed.

The only way to cure a case of contact dermatitis is to eliminate the source of the allergen. In many cases, you know exactly what caused the problem. Sometimes a product new cosmetic or deodorant can cause a reaction and when you stop using the substance, the response disappears.

Below body parts are common and allergenic substances that can affect them.

Scalp - Often, the rash appears on the eyelids, neck, face and ears and, sometimes, especially when a substance on your hair, hands. The sources are the most common shampoos, hair dyes and rinses, permanent treatments, dandruff treatments, soaps, shower caps, wigs, combs and brushes made of materials that are irritating, curlers, pins and used in hair.

Front - most often seen as a rash spreading across his forehead. The sources are a group of toppings hats, visors, helmets, cosmetics, suntan lotion, or anything worn on the forehead like a headband.

Eyes - The sources are the products cosmetics such as mascara, eyebrow pencil or eye shadow, and pollen, soaps, lotions, nasal sprays and insecticides.

Cara - In general, cosmetics, but it could be any substance used in the face, such as soap, sunscreen, shaving cream, after shave, or something is in your hands and transferred to the face.

Ears - In general, earrings. It may also be perfume, hair dye, shampoo, sunglasses, telephone receivers, or earplugs.

Nose - Frames nasal sprays, perfumes, facial glasses.

The lips and mouth - like cosmetics lipsticks, toothpastes, mouth rinses, cigarettes, cigars denture adhesives dental, and candy.

Neck - The substances used in the scalp, such as cosmetics, necklaces, scarves, dresses and labels shirt and skin and wool, near the neck.

Underarms - soaps, deodorants, depilatories, deodorants, shaving creams, perfumes.

Hands and wrist - hand basin are a common form of contact dermatitis caused by hand several times to be immersed in soapy water. Use regular vinyl gloves (not rubber) is useful, as is the removal of the rings when wet your hands and wear gloves when the weather is cold and windy. Soaps and cleaners used in the shower or bath, gloves, rings, bracelets, creams and topical medications or any substance affecting the hands can also irritate the skin. The wrist may develop a rash of metal bracket clock. Coating the back of the watch with varnish Clear nail can sometimes remedy.

Family - Clothing, soaps and bath oils and underwear.

Feet - shoes, socks, shoe polish, leather lining, anklets, drugs or detergents that are used in socks.

Some other allergens common that can cause symptoms in sensitive individuals are nickel found in jewelry which often causes a red stain on the skin that will not disappear. Perfumes, in any form, can cause reactions in susceptible individuals.

Contact Dermatitis The Natural recipes

- Identify the cause of reaction and remove the allergen.

- If you have dermatitis on hands, use vinyl gloves instead of rubber gloves when washing and cleaning using chemicals and cleaning.

- To relieve the symptoms until the rash To clean, use a cream-cons containing 0.5% hydrocortisone. Use sparingly.
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