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what happens when you sew or press chiffon.? or cut chiffon.?

list garment types suitable for chiffon?!?!
help plssss

There are several types of sheer fabrics, chiffon is one. There is also Georgette organza, voile, and mesh netting. Chiffon is sheer, soft and lightweight, sometimes with a slight crinkled or crepe texture, often without. Chiffon drapes well and is a good choice for dresses and feminine blouses -peasant styles, poet shirts, anything with ruffles, tiers, gathers, drapery, full skirts, anything that takes advantage of it's softness and drape. Most chiffon garments are lined with china silk, bemberg rayon, or a soft polyester lining. Much depends on the fiber content of the chiffon as far as sewing and pressing, but since most chiffons are polyester, I will give instructions for polyester chiffon.

To lay out for cutting, lay the fabric on a large flat surface. Don't let edges hang over the table or the fabric will slip and slide. I have cut chiffon on the floor so I have maximum room for the fabric. (I make sure it's clean, needless to say!) Use plenty of pins while laying out the pattern pieces and be sure the pins are fine and sharp so they don't snag the fabric.

Cut using sharp scissors or a rotary cutter and rotary cutting mat. Pattern marking should transferred to the fabric with a fade away or wash away marker or chalk. If you have a serger, use a three thread overlock to sew all the seams. If you don't have a serger, then you will need to sew with a french seam. This will neaten and enclose the raw edges so they won't fray. This is a very professional way to sew chiffon. Use long staple polyester thread in a colour that matches your fabric or is slightly darker, this allows the thread to blend in. Use a brand new fine sewing machine needle and use a medium stitch length, not too short or the seam will be thread dense and will look bulky and it might pucker.

If you seams do pucker, place a layer of tissue paper next to the feed dogs on the machine and sew the seams with tissue paper, the paper is torn away after stitching. Press with a regular iron set to "silk" medium low. Too high a heat will make the fabric discolor and scorch. Don't use steam, only use a dry iron. try to always press on the wrong side, if you need to press the right side, use a press cloth.

Don't use nylon chiffon. It may be cheap, but it frays terribly, it will burn and melt if pressed, and is nearly impossible to sew. Spend a few extra dollars on polyester chiffon, it's worth the extra expense.

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