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How come my feet walk like this when I'm not wearing high heels?

I work at a construction company and our senior dress code for women is a skirt, dress shoes or high heels combination and they usually carry stiletto heels 5 inch pumps my office, usually use them every day and I have no problem. But when I'm home, sometimes when I walk, my feet are while walking in heels, but I'm not. Why do I walk like that? Should I go to be examined by a doctor? Is this normal? If Please help!

they are so used the structure of the heel, shaping the style, but that's normal for girls who wear them Lot and not enough tension to stretch if not cramps or anything like them, for a long time and maybe even take breaks if your work or in an office just drag to stretch and you're ready!

Take a walk in good health!

You made the decision to start a walking program but I never put words into action. Walking is easy and fun, and anybody can do. What are you waiting for? Get your running shoes, tie shoelaces, and we'll start moving!

With fuel prices at record levels, walking is the easiest way and cheapest way to get where they need to go. Put your hard earned money back into your pocket and take a walk.

Benefits of Walking

The benefits of walking are endless. You can reduce the risk of most disease, get better, feel better, give you energy and your mood. Help to lose weight, strengthens your immune system and helps you sleep.

Health Benefits

* Reduces the risk of coronary heart disease and stroke

* Reduces blood pressure and reduces cholesterol

* osteoporosis increases bone density, prevention

* Reduced the risk of diabetes

* Reduces the risk of colon cancer

* Enhances physical and mental

Weight Control

If you plan to lose weight, walk briskly for at least three days a week for at least thirty minutes. A maximum of sixty minutes five days per week walkers experienced. Once you've lost weight, you can stop to walk three or four days a week from thirty to forty-five minutes. Remember not swing your arm!

General health and longevity

Because walking strengthens bones, joints have a better range of motion and muscles are more flexible.

Capacity increases

Walking ability varies with age of the individual and activity level. Typically brisk walking is best. A simple way to learn to walk with energy is the test speech. "That means walking briskly, while maintaining a conversation without being winded.

Mental Health

Walking is the best cure man. If you feel down, walking can ease the burden and lift your spirits. When the endorphins in the body during activity, which relieves pain and creates a sense of well-being.


Walking is as easy as putting one foot before the other. Consistency is important. The biggest challenge is to make the commitment and stick to it.

* If the shoe fits wear it! If you're serious about walking, it is important to invest in a good pair of walking shoes. If you neglect your feet when you walk, your feet will feel discomfort the top of everything else. Your shoes should feel comfortable and do not rub or slip on the heel when walking.

* Start slowly. Defect to establish reasonable expectations before starting a walking program. Beginners should start gradually and walk every day. Once you start you feel stronger, you can add a day or two in your routine. Do not get discouraged if you can not walk a mile or two when it starts. When you more advanced, slowly increase the distance.

* Choose a time and place. Decide what time it is best to take your walks. Some persons not of joy to walk early in the morning, while others find a way to relax after a long day. Choose a family. It could be something as simple as a walk around the block, a park or trail.

* Have a backup plan. What to do when the time does not permit the march Outdoor free? You learn to overcome bad weather and put one foot before the other. Some people walk in the mall, while other prefer to use a treadmill or videos.

* Stretch before and after. Stretching to prevent injury and pain. Helps also the status of muscles. The condition, more than the best they can manage performance.

Visit the park!

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