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Is it permissible to hang something in front of a panel of circuit breakers?

We found (not even a metal door with him) circuit breakers in our apartment right when you come in. Is there anything I can get to hang / put in front of it is safe? I was going to hang a picture, but remember read its supposed to keep some distance around the clearing, and feared that if any thing happened, it could be a fire hazard. It's just really annoying to see this switches place with gray area where the walls are white.

It is not legal to put anything on the panel behind it. It is in the code. People need to be able to see, locate, know where you are in an emergency. The game in front and around it is access, not fire safety. You must have a metal door on it however. That said, people put pictures on them all the time. But I found I had to turn to make a repair on a drive and it was covered once again he did not know where was located the signal. This is dangerous.

Insights into Interior Design: How to select designers draperies. Part I: Choose photos

When interior designers use the term â € œwall curtains, â € usually refers to anything and everything that you can hang on a wall. This can include images, photographs, plates, frames, mirrors, sculptures, reliefs and more.

London is an ideal place to choose wall hangings that because many communities Artists active and strong tradition of professional interior design.

One of the most important are the pictures hanging up. Many designers Interior know that the images are the way to "make a house a home." However, poor positioning of images can easily affect a design otherwise well-planned interior. This is particularly important in small houses and apartments in London. Your interior decorator will be able to highlight key points to consider, no matter if you hang a recent family photo or an old relic. In London, Interior Designers have a saying, that "all images must be linked to something else in the room." This means that this type ever wall hangings should look as if they were included by accident. Images must be linked by color or thematic elements to display tables, chairs, shelves or chimneys - or even architectural elements such as panels or frames, which can often be very interesting and historic houses in London.

href = "http://www.globalinteriordesign.com/"> London Interior Designers often choose not to tapestries symmetrical position (ie focus on chimneys or furniture), as this can make the interior design in general seem a little mundane or "flat".

In London, is important to remember that time is often a little rain and cold. Thus, interior designers often find it convenient to represent the image slightly bright in their selection of wallpapers. It is also important group of images that are linked. An interior designer often selecting landscapes close to each other, or they will do the same thing with landscapes or pictures of flowers. Another method often used by consultants the most prestigious of London is the interior design group images by color themes, or at least the style of frame or mounting.

In the next article in this series interior design, I will discuss in more detail practical aspects of how to install images.

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