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Looking for a place that makes custom wall stickers for a kids room.?

I am trying to find an online store that can make large wall stickers for my children's play room. I have an idea of what I want and can't find it anywhere online so I would love if I could find a place that could make them from pictures/ideas I give them. Online or in the Phoenix are would be ideal. Any suggestions would be great!

Perhaps you're thinking of Uppercase Living? I represent the company as a consultant and would happy to help you design or find the perfect wall decor--either out of the catalog or custom made. Let me know if you are interested!

Interior Design of Your Home Using Wall Stickers

Creating the right effects in your room walls is very important in giving the right essence to your house and gives a pleasant atmosphere. Gone are the ages when you have to get wall papers and struggle to align them and give your walls a better look. There are plenty of room wall stickers that are available in the market which add color to your room and give the ambience that is required for the room. These stickers are available in various kinds including removable wall stickers using which you do not have to worry if the paint will come off when these stickers are removed.

These room wall stickers can be used in any room in the house including the bathrooms and also as kid’s room stickers. Making your kids room bright is very important as this gives them the right atmosphere to study and improves their creativity by allowing them to think according to the themes that are provided by the kid’s wall stickers. The tastes that kids have change as they progress in their age. This is because they are influenced by various factors and hence the use of removable wall stickers finds their prominence in your home. Kid’s room stickers are available in various themes different for both boys and girls including fairies stickers for girls and other major cartoon characters for boys. Kid’s wall stickers provide the right atmosphere in the child’s room helping children like their room better.

Stickers are not available only for the kids but also are available as bedroom stickers. Not only as fairies stickers but also as floral patterns or mural wall arts bedroom stickers are available, giving you a wide array of choices from which you can choose what you like the best. Children’s wall stickers are very popular as they present their room with a theme that brightens their room too. This interior decoration theme that is used all through the house can bring to your house the very best appearance.

Every house will have a nursery for the kids. The nursery wall stickers available as a part of the children’s wall sticker’s collection contain many stickers that include cartoon characters, fairies, and other famous characters among children. Your nursery wall stickers can make your walls attractive and bright colors attract children more than any thing. They will be able to study better giving their best.

When you plan on decorating your house there are plenty of options that are available in the market. It is wise not to just use the wall papers that are available but the entire range of wall stickers that is available in various themes. Your entire house can be centralized on a theme. You can do this based on an opinion that is collected from various experts in interior designing. If you have good ideas to implement you could do it also. You need to choose the right colors of paint that suits the stickers that you use for your house, thereby giving an entire look of brightness to your home.

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