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Santos mahogany or walnut, or Brazil or Brazilian Teak Tigerwood?

The exotic wood floor would be better with the kitchen of a white country? I'm leaning towards Tigerwood. Feedback wood be great!

Hand scraped wood floors would be impressive in their troubled country kitchen white leads to a higher level of "WOW" but if it is not even an option I would Tigerwood, not only because it would shine it deserves, but because you should always go your first impression. Salud!

The truth about the Ipe wood decking and composite â € "Fact and Fiction

There are a lot of misinformation on wood ipe. For the most part, many people have you believe that buying wood ECI is a sin against the earth. To be frank, this is not the case. Similarly, Many people also try to make us believe it is an organic composite decking that is an excellent alternative to other exotic woods. Another time, this is not the case. Liena € ™ s why.

Composite decking is made of recycled wood fiber and plastic. Many people think because the plastic is recycled they buy an organic product. Is this true? Letâ € ™ s dig a little. Where does the plastic come? The plastic of the most popular and least expensive brands of decks from plastic products made from petroleum such as PVC. This oil comes from oil. Think for a second. The bio-oil? These are the countries that sell us OILA | € are environmentally friendly? Heck, they even friendly?! What Is the transport of oil? Remember me heard of the oil spill from the Exxon Valdez? What is the process of extracting oil? Is it organic? It is clear that the answers to these questions are being a € € œno.â Therefore, composite decking environmentally friendly? I think itâ € ™ s safe to conclude that donâ € ™ t

Unfortunately, there is more to consider. Letâ € ™ s say youâ € ™ re still not convinced and I think it's friendly composite decking environment. Have you thought about the problems of maintenance and the need for ongoing treatment? In short, since the bridges are made with composite wood fiber and plastic, which also tend to absorb water easily. Because composite decking is so porous, mold, rot and decay, not to mention the infestation of insects are highly probable. Now ask yourself this question. With all these problems composite decking, how do you treat and prevent decomposition composite decking? The answer? You constantly clean and dry your deck. € ™ is, if you take a peek at some manufactures composite decking, which really advise you to dry After cleaning your deck. Even then, Cana € ™ t guarantee that rust Wona € ™ t. Until they can do is tell you how inhibit and even then it must be very diligent to ensure your coverage remains very dry. Itâ € ™ s not surprising to find These same companies who say that even if your deck doesnâ € ™ t look as if he had not yet made specific mold covered by the fungus and mildew take some time to manifest itself in reality. Now ask yourself how long to dry the cover of each and every time raining? If you have a family and are busy with work, wouldn € ™ t prefer to spend time on deck and not have to worry about mold mushrooms and ongoing maintenance composite decking?

Yes, Thereâ € ™ s more to consider. Given all these factors into consideration Whatâ € ™ s likely that youâ € ™ ll have to put the lid up? The odds are pretty high, right? How environment you, if you buy more plastic sheeting? I think I know the answer to this question.

Ok, so now that itâ € ™ is clear that href = "http://deck-boards.com/composite-decking/" target = "_blank" title = "composite decking" composite decking> is not organic. Letâ € ™ s take an alternative: ECI. People who are friendly to the environment and consumers do their fellows. These are the facts and the truth About the IPE. Ipe is greener than composite decking. I know you need proof, so here it is.

Unlike oil, IPE is a renewable resource. Thank you to greater awareness of the exploitation irresponsible logging, logging companies increasingly choose to use forestry practices and environmentally sustainable. Think about it. Can reach more oil? No, but it can ensure that the trees that are felled are replaced by new trees. In addition, can also be considered that, because demand for wood is environmentally more logging companies are both adaptation and adoption of sustainable forestry practices and even join groups like the U.S. Green Building Council and the Forest Stewardship Council. In short, be aware that there about irresponsible logging companies are forced to abandon such practices. It's better for the environment. Unfortunately oil companies Wona t ™ € € ™ t just Cana and start creating your own oil, so they can continue to use all Eartha € ™ s oil.

Ok, now that the chemicals? title = "Ipe decking"> decking Ipe need treatment very little during his life. In fact, most people treat it with oil first ipe and second year. Then, according to the Annual Global weather, it could be just ipe two years. composite decking requires much more than that, though sure! Liena € ™ s the fact, terrace Ipe is so dense and has its own natural oils which is extremely resistant to mold, fungi, rot and decay. Oh, and pests? Theyâ € ™ rather go and eat a block composite deck. Again, it is so dense Ipe, effectively prevent insect attack. Doing some research has found that the U.S. Naval Laboratory and test the resistance of ipe wood and found that a only part of the EPI can not be treated for decades before beginning to show signs of decay and infestation. € ™ s and a good testimony of the IPE hardwood € ™ s sustainability. No wonder that Brazil nut is also called ironwood?

Letâ € ™ s over now. If ipe decks require less processing and, of course, take more than covered up, producing more environmentally friendly? Another thing to consider composite decking if it fails, what do you think most people have of him? Although € ™ s right, but send it to a landfill, that plastic takes decades to decompose. However, Ipe deck is 100% biodegradable.

Clearly, a better room ipe product green living store. And guess what? Due to the volatility of oil prices, Ipe wood is much cheaper than most composite decking materials! Companies that sell plastic composite justify their high prices, have an organic label on it. Given everything that youâ € ™ ve learned in this article, itâ € ™ s easy to conclude that they are speculation that the consumer does not put an eco-label due to inferior product and non-organic.

Now that you know the difference between target = "_blank" Title = "timber ipe "> ipe wood deck and composite, you can buy with confidence and build the bridge of your dreams!

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