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Where I can buy washi (Japanese paper) in Singapore?

Daiso try ... selling all kinds of Japanese products .. All unique range $ 2.00! you can try your luck there if ur u happen to pass by the IMM or VivoCity ....

Intrigue Jewelry

The only way a man could enter the heart of a woman is giving away her jewels. Women are addicted to jewelry. This was from the beginning, even the wives of the great pharaohs of Egypt loved to wear jewelry. Most Women think that the jewels made a complete woman.

Jewelry reversible
This type of jewelry is handmade with Japanese Chiyogami "washi or documents. Many models are based on kimono textiles. These women prefer jewelry for parties or casual outings.

Gemstone Jewelry:
Mainly necklaces with semi-precious stones are very popular because women of all ages to use. Teenagers also used as a fashion statement.
Women often go to jewelry with precious stones according to their birthday or for popular gems:
• Aquamarine
• Blue Topaz
• Esmeralda
• Opal
• Garnet

Jewellery Eclipse
Imagine, immediately change the color, shape or texture, the very nature of a beautiful silver finish. Eclipse, silver jewelry is a new extraordinary beauty where radically different brand that moves and changes to match a woman all tastes. It is a kind custom jewelry created by renowned jewelry designers in the world.

Casual Jewelry:
Jewelry is not only used in festivals and marriages, women like to wear jewelry abroad, social gatherings. And women love jewelry casual days are used in jewelry of precious stones, custom handmade jewelry and cheaper diamonds and pearls. An informal group of jewelry is discussed later

Casual necklace jewelry is primarily designed to hand from semiprecious stones, precious stones according to the birth of the holder, bead or beads and mixed. They come in different colors which attracts the attention of women all ages. Some examples of the use casual necklaces are:

Soapstone, bone and wood, leather necklace
Informal and fun glass necklace with your choice of Charm
Tiger Eye Nugget Focal with Turquoise accents Necklace
Nugget Necklace Departure

In the section rings, engagement rings are used informally for engaged couples.
diamond engagement rings and steel making bulk orders. As for fashion and clothing recreation for boys and girls involved, gemstone rings are widely used.
Engagement Rings brilliant-cut diamonds and recorded different price ranges depending on the design and weight.

Many women wear bracelets of light and inexpensive that sports clothing or equipment. The bracelets are mostly handmade beads informal give a really attractive. Bands have different Account types and colors like blue and gold beads and colored glass bead it depends on the choice.

The gold, pearl earrings and steel are used in all occasions, especially by young people, but have a real taste of earrings and design precious stones such as rubies or Jasper earrings are very popular. The earrings are ideal for women who are near and dear ones.

Wedding or Bridal Jewelry:
No wedding is complete without the help of a beautiful collection of jewelry to cherish wedding of your dreams. In Eastern brides often wear gold jewelry, bracelets and necklaces. But in the west side of gold is rarely used alone, but the gold jewelry with diamonds, pearls and rhinestones is more preferred by brides.

The plot of the online store offers 10-25% out in jewelry for all occasions and offer substantial discounts for new customers. So come on down and check the latest collection jewelry for men and women of all ages.

About the Author

Ibrahim is the Sales Representative of Intrigue Online Store. One of the US largest Jewellery
website. Selling a large range of Jewellery from Wedding Rings to Cufflinks. Read more about our products.


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