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What is the best water park in New York, or in the new york area?

I'm trying to find a fun water park in that area, any suggestions? My family does not have any little kids with them, so i'm looking for something more exciting!!

Here are a few water parks within a 100 mile radius of NYC.

1. Six Flags in Jackson, NJ
2. Mountaincreek Water Park 200 State Rt 94 Vernon 973-827-2000
3. Dorney Park/Wild Water Kingdom, Allentown, PA http://www.dorneypark.com/
4. Great Wolf Lodge in the Poconos, PA Inside water park. http://www.greatwolf.com/Locations/Poconos/

Water Park Puts Communities on The Map

Water parks have always been an enjoyable place to spend the summer, where families can relax play, and have fun. With slides, pools, and great sunbathing, water parks are known to be a staple for enjoyment whenever the weather is nice. While there are plenty of incredible water parks attached to theme parks around the world, there are few that are major focal points of the communities they are built in.

Houston water park communities are few and far between, but some communities pride itself on having its own water adventure park. They happen to be a growing, popular destination for new homeowners and investors, as it has grown to be a well known and beautiful planned community in Southwest Houston.

There are large super-communities in Houston that has a number of beautiful neighborhoods with plenty of properties for sale. Residents of the community enjoy the experience of living in a wealthy, well-planned residential area full of amenities that are perfect for everyone, even children.

Children in particular will enjoy the fact that certain communities claim to be the best Houston water park community. They will also enjoy some excellent community schools that take pride in offering creative and effective curriculums year round.

Homes are also fully wired for the internet and takes into account the latest technology so that its inhabitants can make good use of their homes for business and educational purposes. These communities also offer enough entertainment to keep anyone busy.

This area is home to the adventure water park that makes this area one of the best and most notable Houston water park communities. The water park is so important to this area, that residents from all the neighborhoods use it as a general meeting place and a great place to take the kids.

The water park in these communities are the largest in the South. It boasts over one acre of slides, pools, and fun. One of the most popular attractions available at the water park is a large, eight-lane competition pool. This is used to hold races and other water sports that the community teams practice and take part in.

The swim teams at the local school practice in the water park, and general races are also held for the residents to enjoy. A number of recreational classes are also taught in the water park. Such classes include water aerobics, a great way to keep in shape through movement within the water. It has been known as an exceptionally useful exercise for pregnant women.

There are many other features that make this area the best of the Houston water park communities. There are multiple diving areas for everyone to enjoy. Each diving board is placed at various heights and can be used by anyone at anytime. Water slides are also abundant here, as they should be at any good water park. A water tower is the central point for over 200 feet of water slides. Each slide offers various twists and turns that make them unique and fun for everyone. A zero-entry pool is available for those who want to relax in the water, without having to deal with the water slides and diving board.

For kids in particular, the adventure water park includes a 1400-square foot waterworks playground with an impressive "spill" bucket that dumps water continuously over the playground.

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