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Place stickers on white matchbooks?

I think white monogram stickers to make clear in the back of flat cardboard white party to go with sparklers for my wedding. would be funny? Has anyone done this before? Thanks! I get stickers made by a seller on Etsy. 🙂

The use of clear labels is the way forward, just use a good size and printer settings. Also, be careful when removing the labels on the printer because clear labels tend to erase all traces, unless you give them time to dry. Whatever you do - never inkjet clear label stack on top of each, just after taking them out of the printer or you will regret the ink spots and spreads. If not stick shortly after printing - for a sheet of white paper inbetween the sheets normal to ensure that there will be no errors. If you use white labels - is quite sticky - but with clear what is acceptable. It will save you a ton of money compared with buying printed matchbooks. Always test with a sheet of labels and examine first the blade to ensure the correct size and that not all will align. Then change the settings for the printer and the software correctly, as required.

Special Event Stickers

There are special events in all our lives. We make invitations, notify everyone in the office at work, creating posters and account Return. For all of our special events there is a sticker that belongs there.


If you know someone is having a baby is sure to be a baby shower. You can create the best invitations and party favors with stickers. Then for the game itself can use stickers for decoration and name of the site. During the party stickers can be used for playing games with them. Baby showers are fun and the stickers are for babies beautiful than ever.


It is a very special day and I will remember for the rest of his life. You will be sending invitations to friends and family. Dress with stickers. You can be those who are top of the table, confetti, balloons, etc.. Remember the envelope too much, you can sell the label! Everyone will love the special touch that adds to the invitation.

Wedding Stickers

If you have an invitation elegant can You want to sell? envelope with a stamp of good texture to match the theme and colors of the invitation. If you have a fun and inviting live you can use adhesive most dramatic and set free.


His children must make several maps of the St. Valentine So have fun putting a small sticker them. This allows them to add a bit of themselves in the card and give it a more personal touch. Remember your card to your partner. You can use stickers on your card too. Choose something that matches the theme and of course sell the envelope with a sticker.

Religious Stickers

For meetings of the Church can make flyers and stickers to put on them to give an extra boost. That some of the children of the Church to help put these together. This will give you a great joy to see how all members to enjoy. They are also used in the activities of the Sunday school. The hands actually helps children learn and retain information.

Sporting Events

The big game is approaching and you have a party. You want everyone to be a lot of time. Create invitations, and then use the stickers to decorate and have fun with it. Another idea for a festival of sport is that all bring something to the party. A funny thing to do is put a point, then place a sticker on what they can bring. Give them a few options to choose from. Then put them to work, stuck to the wall, of course, a sticker.

Christmas Tags

Keep the band this year, make this one of its great variety of stickers. Children love to wrap gifts with them. Then, when it comes time to open their gifts will also be able to see all the different advertisements on donations as well. Characteristics Special will be under the tree this year.

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