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Babys First Birthday Picture Question?

My daughter will be getting her first birthday pictures done soon. I'm going to have a white background and she will be eating cake! The photographer asked me to bring a mess mat to put under my daughter and the cake to prevent a mess. So i bought a clear mess mat. I opened it and layed it on out floor just to see it and realized our lights cause a major glare on it. Will this effect her photos? Should we use a plain white sheet instead? Any other suggestions? Help please!

i would use a white sheet over the mess mat. the mess mat just incase the cake gets ground into the sheet and may get on the floor underneath.

Finding the Best Values in a Ready Made Picture Frame

A ready made picture frame can be a good alternative for those who have picture framing projects but lack the funds to have one custom made or do not have the skills to create one. Ready made frames vary tremendously in terms of quality however, as well as price. The trick to finding the right ready made picture frame for your project is find the best quality at the lowest price.

What's Wrong With a ready made picture frame From the Local Mega-Mart? Without going into the subject of questionable quality of products made in China (which Texas pundit Jim Hightower says should be a warning label), the fact is that your choices of ready made frames are likely to be quite limited at the local “big-box supercenter.” The problem is that your finished product is going to look like everyone else's. You are better off shopping for a ready made picture frame online or at your local art specialty store, though the latter option will most likely cost you more. There is another alternative, which is to purchase ready made frames at MegaLo Mart then paint, color or decorate it in some way.

If you are skilled and artistically inclined, this may be a good option for you – otherwise, be prepared to do some shopping. The bottom line is that of all the Picture Framing Supplies you will be using, the choice of frame is the most important one. Make it a good one. Wood Or Metal? As you know, most ready made frames are available in wood or metal finishes in various colors. Which ready made frames you will select depends largely on your personal inclinations; however, there are a few guidelines.

For example, consider the subject of the photo and the nature of it; is it color or black and white? If the former, what colors predominate? Is it a portrait? What about other picture framing supplies you have incorporated into the project, such as mat board? Is the framing matting material a particular color? Where will the photograph be displayed? As you can see, there are many issues to consider in the choice of ready made frames. Your Image Deserves The Best Whichever ready made picture frame you ultimately decide on, remember that the photo is the star of the show. You want to avoid anything that will take attention away from the photo itself. Remember that whether its a custom frame or a ready made picture frame, your photographic image deserves the best possible setting.

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Susan Slobac is an avid photographer.Susan believes a picture frame is more than just fashion; it's a safeguard for something you love. In this article Susan talks about custom picture frames.


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