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reading a simple model (4993)?

Yes, I've done things before mono, blanket, clothing. I can not understand these directions. Ok quilt addresses typical rag. dierction plain white cloth cut 1,3,4,5 both. But Brown is free Patten another section of directions? For example, you leg, 7, said the reduction of 8 and 4 star batting. I therefore set of guidelines? This is the first time I saw two directions in a model. I feel silly, I ask the turned and looked. I need to use both! Thanks to all

Head brown paper in his right leg is what you need eight (four legs and one leg one before and the needs of a folder) and then you need a bit of stick for each foot. The White Paper provides background information, the brown paper with drawings gives reminders and added support. Read how one sentence at a time and figure this phrase before continuing. Hope this helps, and above all, enjoy your creativity! cryllie

How to make handmade quilts for a unique baby shower gift

How to make handmade quilts for babies a unique shower gift

An exciting time! A new baby is coming. But how do you find the unique gift no? We did not open and threw it on the stack in the shower and into oblivion, or little will come out in a few weeks and maybe get to use once or twice. Your money or your hard donated time must be well spent on a gift of life. This gift is a handmade baby quilt unique.

Many quilts are sewn Use the simple process of patchwork. It is to gather a number of pieces of different sizes with different materials, then the seams to create the finished quilt. This technique, called patchwork quilt, to make hand quilting or some prefer to use the machine sewing.

Quilt designs range from basic education and advanced. If you are unsure of this design, you may prefer, a trip to your local fabric store or visit one of many retailers of its collections of ideas and ways of baby bedding. If This is your first attempt in the art of quilting, it is best to keep your simple pattern. Choose colors that are appropriate for sex the baby, unless you do not know, yellow or white is a safe option.

Choose 1 ¼ yd. coordinating fabrics back to your quilt or any amount awarded by the model you have chosen. Also purchase batting, thread that matches your fabric. Wash the fabric before start sewing.

At this point you are ready to sting. Place the backing fabric right side on the ground. Place the batting side. Place tissue reconstruction in the upper right corner batting above. Pin the fabric and batting together in the center and training. I recommend that extend three layers before post. Using an old table and some butterfly clips Extent of coverage in place at the table of pin the layers together before. The curves are also quilting pins available in quilt shops will more easily deposited to complete the task, because of the shape of the rod. They are rounded at the base and perfect for work.

Then, using a pencil Quilter, you're ready to take your filling lines or design. Draw lines diagonally on a square or just around the perimeter of the form you will design and maintain a blocks in place. Make your stitches and even through all the layers.

There are several ways to create a link to the quilt, but if you're just starting to cut the material a little less than ½ "over all the sides of the structure up and hit. Fold the background, the top folded twice, making a ¼ "times. Sew on the decline all around.

When it comes to this special shower gift for the new mother to be, time and effort you invest now in hand quilting a baby quilt becomes a treasured keepsake for many years.

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You need a shower gift for a special mother-to-be. You can do this. Read this article and make the trip to your local fabric store. Are you worried that you may not be able to complete the baby quilt for the shower is too close in time?
Visit my website: www.uniquebabyquiltboutique.com and chose of one unique handmade baby quilts from my collection for your baby shower.
Sharon Camp has been quilting for over 30 years.


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