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How I can clean white cloth bag and black?

I have a black band and white bag and I dropped it .. Hawaiian Punch I have to clean and I do not know how to clean without the colors fade? please and thank you in advance. =]

Try a spray stain remover like "Shout" and wipe with a damp cloth. You can also affect the white band with a bleach pen.

Beautiful wedding dress stripes

Stripes are one of the best practices and best suited to the prosecution. When you are planning costumes for each one to your wedding, there are significant resources for the use of sidebands crunchy to make your wedding party look fantastic. Here is some ideas for wedding dress magnificent double the entire group.

The stripes are fresh and soft, tailored and classic. They can be formal and sober, as in a pin striped suit. Raya can be exuberant when done in a rainbow of colors. They may be vertical, horizontal, printed or woven, the traps of the band. With all this diversity is not surprising that the bands are one of the best models to choose by dressing your wedding party.

You can find incredible striped dresses her bridesmaids. The most classic is a band of two colors, woven in a fairly rigid material. This looks fantastic for a strapless dress to the knee, in any color. If you have a stylish marriage, pink and green stripes are perfect, especially when combined with beaded jewelry bridesmaid. For weddings in the summer, you can not beat the look Fresh and Easy Striped Dresses Bridesmaid seersucker, pink and black or blue and white. The classic elegance of the pearl bridesmaid jewelry is also pretty this style of dress, not in competition with the tissue model.

For a formal wedding, I love the look of a ball skirt soundtracks (which a subtle contrast between colors.) Rich tones of gold put in place around the vertical stripes looks magnificent and grand. The top of the assembly can be a strapless top or square neck mounted in a color that matches one of the bands, a Twinset Cashmere, or even wrap a white blouse in a taffeta chic. The new model also works very well for the mother of the bride or groom.

Men's wedding will be as beautiful stripes. Combination subtle stripes or even a band Chalk can be a good choice for a very formal wedding, which is not a black tie. Make sure that the effect is not too similar cases and to avoid double breaststroke stripes, which seem more mafia style. A solid game can be much more interesting with the addition a striped shirt. This is especially nice for a summer wedding when the groom and his groomsmen will be dressed Costume flax. A pastel striped shirt adds a nice touch to the composition. And of course, remember to wear a solid suit and shirt with tie Repp Stripe with courage.

Even the bride can get into the act. A white on white striped bow to fresh and beautiful for spring or summer wedding dress. The details are very subtle, but so beautiful when seen up close. You can also find beautiful wedding dresses horizontal bands or vertical lace, creating a stripe effect. pearl wedding jewelry with a touch of glass would be a beautiful final, especially if the adjustment is a necklace.

There is nothing to say that the dress for a wedding should be a solid color. Stripes and patterns add style and charm of traditional courts are normally used bridesmaid and wedding dresses. And a happy band is one of the rare occasions that the groom must make your wedding dress unique and interesting. Enjoy the band introduce their preferences in your wedding suit, you will not regret it.

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Bridget Mora helps brides plan the perfect wedding with advice on etiquette, style, and all dream day details. The classic elegance of
pearl bridesmaid jewelry
is always in style.


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