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Should I hire an attorney to collect my depreciation value? I own a car dealership. ?

A drunk driver hit my car while it was parked. The car was hit in the rear end causing about $8,500 in damages to 2004 BMW 645i. I tried to collect depreciation value from the insurance. However, the insurance company pull a car fax. The car was hit in the same spot with same estimated damages. The insurance company refuse to pay because of the car fax. I had the car on my lot for 2 months prior to the accident. I had a verbal commitment from a buyer who test drove the car 2 days prior to accident. The buyer was not interested after the accident. The car was in the shop for 2 months and another 3 week to find a buyer. I had to wholesale the car, because the body shop took 2 months to repair the vehicle. I lost $6000 because the price had drop and accident. My line of credit allowed me to hold the car for 90 days. The accident caused a financial burden on my company. We are a very small used car lot. Do you think a lawyer would take the case and win in court?

Its a tough case because of the past accident. My dealership has had several depreciation value claims however we never had one with prior damage. A lawyer may be able to do something but he will also charge good money to do it.

Seeking Sports apparel? Get it at wholesale apparel lots!

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I have been in the wholesale business since 2000. I became one of the largest wholesale apparel importer in China.


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