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I have a cheap glass tube and let me know if someone is looking for an agreement many small good?

I wonder if anyone in search bargains in small batches of large tubes. They are the type of glass spoon smoking experience. I can offer a small savings on larger lots, but prices are low (I think). In two weeks I have the intention of the list of some batches of these small tubes in a general auction site. I will also be willing the source for the products you sell, do not come under this category .... Is there a market for this in the internet ???????

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Wholesale Glasses

As a collector and an avid boat, I'm open to designs and techniques and collecting valuable glasses. I have a large collection of them and some of them are collector's items that put me to the grave. In addition to the collection, I too mine. These glasses are classified as wholesale where I at least 6-12 glasses per set.

When sold in bulk, there are a number of factors to consider: How much time and effort are willing to put in the sale? What are its main objectives: "to get rid of all" or "for the most money? "Fat is much faster, but the sale of a lot will probably not save more money. When selling wholesale prices are not expected loved. Most people will buy in bulk, because they have the idea to buy much cheaper price.

His glasses wholesale market must be well to make a profit. You can sell your glasses in shops or stores that meet the glassware, drinks, parties and wedding favors, and craft shops support. Meet the owners of these shops with a sample of your glasses and contact card. It is preferable to do during the week as most shops are busier on weekends and after office hours. In addition, when your performance, clean and professional. You are artistic and all, but keep your brushes and colored overalls home.

In addition to selling its Big glasses for local crafts and gift shops, you can also expand their market through advertising in brochures and online. If you have the budget, create a website, and if not, a blog of blogs are free. Word of mouth advertising is also a good way. You can organize a house party to distribute can be completed with your name and contact information. Allow guests to the house, it can also be a party favor and you'll be surprised how this marketing scheme take.

Before starting to acquire customers, get your fixed price. If a drink costs $ 2, while its wholesale value of $ 4. Wholesale is the price charged owners of the shop to sell items, but then the price is double the wholesale price, or in this example, $ 6. The payment must also be identified when orders are placed. There are several methods of payment are cash on delivery, or by check, mail and even mail through online payment gateways. Your company is big glasses so that if a potential buyer decides not to buy, just smile and say thank you for your time. Being thick-skinned and perseverance is necessary in this case and when someone says no, we look forward to the opportunities that come meet you. So when a buyer rejects the product, you may ask why only to improve their concepts and methods.

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