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What prom dress is right for my body?

Prom is soon and I have no clue what type of dress to buy.
I have a 32C bust.
I have a waist but bigger hips
Profile my stomach is flat but I wear a size 5 because I'm wider.
But I'm not boxy..I have curves. The hardest thing about dresses is when I turn around my hips look big.
So I need a dress that will show my good features and hide my bad ones.. any ideas?

Which one sounds more like you...

1) thin figure, big boobs, gently curving longer waist, hips equal boobs, slim thighs and legs.

2) big boobs, short waist, big hips, big bottom, big thighs, slim lower legs.
3) big boobs, small waist, short waist, big hips, generous thighs.

If it's 1, then you're a VASE. The best dress for you is fitted and emphasizes your curves. A square neckline may well suit your large bust better than a V-neck:

If it's 2, you're a CELLO. Go for a dress with a wide V-neck (to showcase your chest), a cinched/defined waist, a soft but structured A-line and shoes with support that show off your ankles. Deep waisted halterneck dresses also look good, but avoid a dress with a pencil skirt or mini skirt.

If it's 3, you're an HOURGLASS. The key is to show off your body, so for prom, go for a fitted V-neck sheath if you want a short dress or a gown with a streamlined skirt and supportive bodice if you want to go long.

What Is Old Is New Again

One of the most dramatic and social aspects of home design is the ability to bring the past to life in our home environments. There are many reasons for this phenomenon. Families want to recreate the good memories from their childhood.

Homeowners want to recreate a sophistication and elegance that creates an aura of wealth and prestige, and others lack creativity and artistic talent so they use template design themes in their home.

Enter any new house on the Parade of Homes tour and you'll see at least one room with a totally rustic, colonial, or European look.

One new trend that fits well with new design colors is the tropical or rustic look. Whether the homeowner is inspired by the new oriental trends, or movies like Disney's "Pirates of the Caribbean," home decorators often create, consciously or inconspicuously, a place to escape from the stress of today's life.

Achieving the Old World or European look is easier than most home decorators think. It doesn't take thousands of dollars or an interior decorator to create the right look. Start with a warm color on paint the walls. Do not ignore the emotional impact of different colors.

Tones of yellow and brown are popular. Pay extreme attention to the tone and hue of the color. A slight variance will make, or break, a room.

Next, fill the room with texture. Log furniture, rattan and wicker are common in rooms with a rustic theme. For a more European look, pick large furniture with ornate designs, in a dark stain. A more colonial look can be created with shaker style furniture.

The furniture will give a base to the texture, but it must be layered.

Vintage fabrics, braided or hooked rugs and natural decorations like vases filled with pinecones, and evergreen boughs placed on the fireplace mantle are common in American rooms.

Thick Damask fabrics and broad jacquard or embroidered patterns recreate a European looks. Cottons with Sateen finishes, damask pillows, and using rugs as throws or artwork will finish the room.

The flooring is where most home decorators make their biggest mistake. Carpet and tile don't fit the style. New wood floors just ruin the effect. The authentic rustic look is created with reclaimed wood floors.

There are many companies that reclaim floor and trim from old homes. This wood rarely costs more than new floors, and make all the difference in the design and style of the room. Top quality reclaimed wood costs $8 - $20 a square foot.

Window treatments need special attention. In old world homes the window treatment starts with the window trim. Thick trim, wide sills, and the rods all create a home decorating statement.

One of the best aspects of old world window treatments is that they fit beautifully with the large windows used in today's homes. In fact, many homeowners are frustrated with their large, curved windows. The old world look can turn a large, out of place window, into a piece of artwork.

Before trying to fill a large room with oversized windows with art and overstuffed furniture, take a good look at old world styles.

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