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Where can I find a baby shower corsage?

I want to know where I can find a baby shower corsage or places that i can find things / ideas to make one myself.

One reader wrote on how to do a Baby Shower Corsage.
And below it you will also find how to make a corsage from baby socks.

Buy a pacifier, two feeding spoons, a teething ring with rubber beads on a string, a two-foot one-inch ribbon (color of your choosing), a medium-sized rattle and four-to-six pairs of baby socks.

Put the teething ring through the pacifier ring, so that the teething ring is half way through ring of the pacifier. Separate the socks and fold before putting on the corsage. Fold each sock from the top down to the toe. Fold the fold down to meet the first fold. Take the two folds and fold them up to meet the top edge of the fold at the top (away from the toe). It should look like a budding flower. With crafting wire, attach all the things at random to the teething ring, spacing the socks evenly.

Make a corsage for the mommy-to-be to wear at the
baby shower or make a bouquet of flowers for the nursery. Materials Needed: Aleene's Shrink-it (Opake)
Aleene's Baking Board
Aleene's Reverse Collage Glue
Aleene's Crafting Tissue (pastel colors of your choice)
Aleene's Ultimate Glue Gun and glue sticks
Permanent marker
Template (design of your choice)
Oven or toaster oven
Baby powder
1/4" diameter hole punch
Baby socks
1" wide lace
12-14 gauge wire
20" (1 1/2" wide) Organdy ribbon


For tag, use marker and template to draw desired design onto Shrink-it. Cut out. Punch hole.
Preheat oven to 275' to 300'. Lightly sprinkle Baking Board with baby powder. Place shape on board and place in oven. Bake. Remove when Shrink-it is completely flat. If shape starts to shrink immediately upon being placed in oven, temperature is too hot.
Use Reverse Collage glue to glue tissue paper to back of shape. Let dry. Tear excess tissue from edges.
For rose, start at toe of sock and roll to within 2" of cuff edge. Fold cuff around rolled portion to form rose.
For calyx, cut a 4" length of lace and glue around base of flower.
For stem, cut a 12" length of wire; make 1" loop in one end. Wrap ribbon around wire to cover stem, securing with glue. Glue looped end of stem into base of sock rose.
For leaves, knot 8" lengths of ribbon around stem.
Tie a bow around stem under flower.

Make light silk curtains

With all the materials collected to make a silk screen, the key is setting the wire. Whatever son if the show or not, must be wrapped or painted. It is possible to paint the entire picture with glaze cream, but if you go make a lampshade regular, should be taken over the material wound.

close union use of silk ribbon or neutral tone inch Broadband materials used in the coating. Turn on all the edges unfinished, like the wind and the cables carefully sew the ends with sutures discrete as possible. The settlement must be done very well and strongly, because if she lost to slide in value and will not be so pleasant, with accessories house or frame moldings (http://www.ferche.com).

If you are a beginner in the shade which is good for a first test piece, and not more than one section, where appropriate, instead of leaving packages or in bulk. If the bookbinding tape or cut tape is used, you will find more easy to handle pieces short of a length or two of the court.

There are two ways to make curtains of silk, which requires the application first siding, and the other outside the ante. This is the easiest method and is probably easier for the beginner. There are also different ways to put on the cover of this out - can be stretched, bent or wrinkled.

The total amount is required first thing to determine. For high purity materials such as chiffon or organza or georgette, twice the circumference of the lower ring is allowed. If the folds and hardware are fine, sometimes three times around is necessary. For silk taffeta or other very heavy and a half of the circumference is sufficient.

Allow at least an inch of the depth of shade so you can activate one-half inch high and half an inch down. Sometimes with fine materials, is prudent to allow more than that - the tissues tend to be slippery and removed from his hand while working.

When the material is cut to length, depth and divided into six equal parts, where there are six sections in the image of your shade, and usually are. Sometimes there are more equivalent to a very large frame with corner guards (http://www.ferche.com), but the same principle applies.

Fix each point of division in a vertical position so that the material is distributed evenly across the bottom of the shade. It is not necessary sew the end of the seam before putting it on. For a shadow can be put together before, if desired, or wrinkle, in the sections that you have made pinned. Work on the lower ring holding the ring you first.

Be sure to allow for some fullness in every thread in a vertical position so that when you're finished, you will not see the merits in the joints. Keep the material on the wire less and take points Sewing law firm through from front to back, as close as possible to the cable as possible. Use coarse thread since these points will covered below and must be firm.

The final common fold the top edge of the material on a child to close wrinkled. This seam must come to a vertical wire does not show when the shade is lit. The material is sewn to the lower ring and is ready to sew on top. Is carried the same way, by dividing the area into six sections and the introduction of each before sewing.

Even within these sections of the material sometimes occurs is pulled to the side, so it is good to keep a shadow on the light, from time to time to see that the lines are completely vertical. Pull material the upper ring and sew securely in the lower segment so there will be no points, especially when used with wooden frames. Do not pull so strong that the structure can be deformed, but must be adapted. You are now ready for coating.

If outside must be folded, to divide the material in the same manner and the spindle in the vertical joints and PIN every time instead of this section, taking care to leave enough material to make the fold of the same size on the town. When these folds are all got up sewing as did the trick.

The top ring is a bit more difficult as it is and therefore less likely to be deeper folds. PIN each time up and try for a bulb before sewing. See all lines are up and down and pull firmly and sew securely. This, too, is ready for coating.

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