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Teen Girls Room "theme" (the paint on the walls)?

My room was painted a light beige and the walls are still blank. Before I came to my room painted beige, painted a Heffalump in a wall, and looked very good, so I'm ready to try something else on the walls my new (one of my friends had Calvin and Hobbes painted on its walls by a professional [and piratefan308/2807512746/in/photostream /] it seems stickers, and that's where I got the original idea) I do not know what I want to paint on the walls yet. Am a mix between a tomboy and a little child (I like Winnie the Pooh, Calvin and Hobbes, most cartoons, and I do not like what the majority of adolescents and - make pink, etc.) Any ideas on what to paint on my walls? All will be color wise, but I am of ideas. Thanks!

I would not do any thing you're afraid you might leave to start. One day, you might want to do any painting Winnie the Pooh and I hate to be in your room. Honestly, however, that does not like Winnie the Pooh? If I were you, I will try my best peas or scratches. In this way, you can choose colors that are not too feminine, but it will not leave quickly. In addition, one of my friends has a theme beach (palm trees, sand, surf, etc) and looks amazing. Someone knew there was a Candyland theme, but probably the issue. Have fun and be happy, that you clean your room to decorate. I would kill for my room ... (Well, not really, but you know what I mean).

Winnie the Pooh Games Pooh Corner

Winnie the Pooh games are perfect for themed party Pooh located in the Forest of Dreams blue. Imagine your little one celebrate their "Beary" special day with friends while enjoying games and activities with Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Piglet and Roo.

Hunny POT guessing game

A great game to break the ice is to fill a plastic container with Teddy Graham and decorate with Winnie the Pooh stickers. As guests arrive, have examined his Hunny Pot closed and try to see how many Teddys are contained in. When they come with a number, write on a piece of paper along with your name, and place the paper in a bowl. After everyone arrived and registered their proposal, read the bits of paper and announce the winner. Whoever guesses the closest to the actual number wins, and winning the pot Hunny.


Igor hang a sign on the wall. Make enough gray tail, as there are guests from outside of felt or paper construction. Place double sided tape on top of each queue. Children can close your eyes or use a blindfold. To make a bit of disorientation, Turn slowly, and then having to try to Eeyore's tail, where it belongs. Whoever is of the tail close to the exact location will be the winner!

piglets MUSIC

Winnie Pooh games that involve music are always a hit with children. Ask your guests sit in a circle and pass a stuffed pig in the circle of music. When the music stops, the performance of pigs have been and win a treat! The game continues until everyone is out and won a prize.

Music Animals

Write slips on paper the names of several animals, including gorillas, cat, dog, etc. and deposit slips in a bowl. This game is played like musical chairs game one exception. The child who comes to a chair in time, take a bowl of leaves and to represent the animal through the sound and movement that others to guess what animal they represent. Winnie the Pooh Play music in this game


Winnie Pooh games that allow children the opportunity to "make music" are always a hit at parties. Give each child a musical instrument, such as cymbals, tambourine, bells, bells, maracas, bells, maracas, sticks or rhythm. Have all training and walking around of the court or the house while playing their instruments. Periodically change the instruments with each other so that everyone has the opportunity to play a new instrument.


Decorate cardboard boxes that are large enough for children to sit while painting in red, blue, yellow and green. Paste several images of Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, Roo, etc. in the boxes. Place a pillow on each level of comfort. Line boxes in the starting line and has a son going into each box. In "Go", the parents push their children to the finish line.

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