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Winsor and Newton Cotman Watercolor Brush good quality and good performance?

I have plans to buy this brush for watercolor, wondering if good quality and can maintain a good point. Please also suggest other brands of brushes that are good. I am a beginner, so do not want to spend much money on it. Thanks!

I have been water to dye a few years and began to brush, Cotman Winsor-Newton, and WN Sceptre Gold brushes. Both brushes are excellent for the price and I've never been disappointed with them. The two sets of brushes in painting and adequate water and can be painted with a fine point or just put the base of the brush down and leave a note. My teachers recommended water color brushes for both types of students. Have been invested in the brush and then they are very nice, would be difficult to a difference. The brushstrokes to retain more water and are more flexible, but the differences are subtle. By the way, I have yet Cotman and brushes my golden scepter. Do not try to save money and buy brushes that are cheaper. You can save money, but his painting will suffer. In a recent class where I was, a woman was painting on cheap paper with brushes and paints to negotiate in bad quality. She was a novice and tried, but his paintings difficult and dull looking. I looked in my hiding place and took additional brushes, paints and paper and gave it as a gift. He was overwhelmed, but accepted the gift. What pleased me is that his painting at the end of the day was many times better than anything she had before. Materials make a difference, but you do not have to spend "an arm and a leg" for art supplies. My suggestions: Brushes: WN Cotman brushes can be N No. 8 or No. 10 round, # 3 or # 4 rounds, half plane and a # 1 or # 2 rigger. hake also has a wash brush (There are many different brands Hence, everything is very cheap). Book: At least 140 pounds of evidence (or not to buy cold pressed) paper. With the paper made in blocks, you do not have a board to support it. With sheets of paper as a tablet, a light board and tape support art paper. Painting: AP Cotman series of 12 colors are of good quality and reasonable in price. You can buy 1 / 2 pans or tubes, but 1 2 / pans can be beautiful at this time. If you buy food, a quick spray to wet the paint to soften a little before begin. At all costs, avoid watercolors that come in little round cake pans when I was a child. Most but not all are of poor quality. Avoid like the plague Pelican Opaque watercolor sets and a round of watercolors that are stacked three levels. both are of low quality paint. Can not you say something about the Van Gogh or other brands of watercolors I have not personally used, but others could share their experiences. As for shopping, if you take a class, art shops often give you a discount card and / or discount if you are a student. Just ask to see what is available. containing water "Using a homemade yogurt or cheese with additional empty train: type # 2 pencil (for example, the yellow school pencil) kneaded eraser, sharpener quick before I forget, Mira U-Tube video Virtual Village for free on your hardware configuration watercolor washing and application, etc. They also have free videos on painting clouds, trees, etc. Do not forget to sign and date your work. In short, can look back and realize you've grown a little. The first pieces will be more specal know where to begin. Look around a watercolor classes to join. Many schools offer classes for adult cheap. Also look at your library for the book by Betty Edwards "Drawing on the right side of the brain. It will help you become a better drawer. When it comes this, good drawing skills goes a long way to produce a large watercolor. Good painting.


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