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What is the best brand for a 0 gauge wire / 1?

I'm looking to move to 1 / 0 gauge wire and I wondered what the cable is the best available. I was leaning to Monster Cable, but I wanted to see what others think ... PPL I also noticed that many places to sell 1 / 0 cable 25 gauge surface coils. is the same cable used for power and land?

As one response said, the $ 1.70 / $ 1.75 1 / 0 (KLMX cable) is the copper aluminum, 90%, 10% copper. There are many mixed reviews this type of cable. Although the cable can handle up to 250A depending on the length KLMX. From your question, said the "best", I would choose a copper wire of 100%. A little more than 1 / 0 gauge copper should be good enough, probably even cable welding. I would choose his (knukonceptz) Fleks Kolossus Kable. It is 100% copper (which seems to be preserved) at $ 3.40/ft. ($ 85 for 25 feet) Monster 25ft cable is near $ 65 on e-bay. usual tinned copper oxidizes faster than non-conserved. Use a good crimping tool and / or welding, the cover also the point of connection with the shrink tubing to prevent moisture. (If using a terminal or similar terminal) You can use the cable for power and land.

Fans - Get a pearl in its thread

You may think that a wire-cutting machine "has a place in the industry, where a large number of son and cables and plastic pipes, even daily, are necessary. It is true that the purchase of an auto thread cutter help several ways in an industrial environment, but these same qualities lend themselves to the court floss machine in a domestic sphere as well.

Every year, hundreds and even thousands of fans across Canada and the U.S. uses coils of wire, tube and cable sizes for activities. These fans range from people who love to build their own technical equipment for the right drug at various trades, etc. If you have a hobby which includes the use of coils of wire or cable accomplish their tasks, you should consider the following benefits from the automatic cutting thread:

Self-feeding: With an automated cutting system, no need to cope with feeding their cables or tubes in the machine. Instead this, the cut can be adjusted to the length of cable you want in accordance with the indicator is using, and may stop reducing its own. This releases a lot of time on what would otherwise probably one of the most banal in their hobby, you can use the time to plan the next step or even start!

The elimination of the margin of error: If you are dedicated enough to his taste to go for a large number of pipes or cables, the odds are pretty good that you want your final product to the address perfectly. Unfortunately, even the most Skilled man can make a mistake or two along a project, a minor form as far as wire or cable can result in a product that is not to your satisfaction. With an automatic cutter, you get the right length every time, the millimeter.

Be adapted to different Sizes: If your hobby is cutting materials of different sizes for different parts, wire-cutting machine can reduce the amount of tools you might need. It can be programmed to operate son, cables and pipes of different sizes, so there is no need to worry putting too much pressure on lighter materials with the template false instrument!

If you're one of the many fans who require long cable or a wire to a task, automatic thread cutter can be the ideal way to help your project much easier.

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When engaged, an automatic wire stripper simultaneously grips the wire from one side and cuts and removes the insulation from the other.


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