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Swimming?!? (Women only)?

Can you swim with a tampon during your period by taking the water red?!?

NW Please use a tampon.

This year, we will certainly see more Muslim women to participate in swimming lessons and aqua-aerobics

Only companies with a Several years thrown the world provide swimwear Modesto.

For many Muslimah * go to the beach or the pool has been very difficult in the past, because it has a very limited choice of Muslim swimwear to choose and especially by the traditional importance of Islam in swimsuit code.Islamic which was offered in the past not allow these women really swim. The materials and cuts that have been used, is very difficult for the bathroom, which consisted of different parts over.
Performed namely, jacket, shirt, skirt and pants.
This meant in turn, prevents women who swim comfortably and at the same time, are always afraid of losing separate headphones.

Fortunately there is now a variety of shops modest swimsuits on the web, one of them is called modest Bodykini Sports / www.bodykini.com

The jersey is a Bodykini bath specially designed for modest improve athletic performance while respecting the principle of Quranic modesty by showing the face, hands and feet.

Shop online Bodykini be established from 2007 by Oliver Momeni based in sunny Marbella, Spain.
Before Oliver designed the Bodykini he studied the market, talked with * Muslimah many family members and Iranian women. Noted this would be more important for these women if given the opportunity to design Muslim swimsuit themselves.He advice and continued his research notes on the market, but he was not satisfied with what he saw, or swimsuit if not properly designed (colors, patterns) or just impractical for swimming.

Oliver said: "I knew that certain facts very important that must be met if it is to design a modest swimsuit. The application is covering well during active swimming while upholding Islamic values of modesty and yet I wanted to dress in fashion. The two parts agree to be generously proportioned, not hinder your movement, provide the movement and comfort, while in or out of the water. "

After several months investigation concluded that the swimsuit that I had in modest
the mind does not exist in the market.
He decided to start designing his own collection of modest swimwear.
Before Oliver until the sun of Spain worked in the family textile business for over 20 years, where he has amassed more experience.

He said: "I designed the Bodykini swimsuit with respect for Islamic values and to improve the lifestyle of" active sports Muslimah. Muslimah many people around the world are very grateful for modest swimsuits that are available, which allows them to take part in water sports, off of reach for so long.
Oliver writes: "It is time to see more Muslim women competing in water sports at a higher level "

The bathroom is a piece swimsuit Bodykini two, a shirt with a helmet and a pair of attached separately. The costume is available in two colors: black suit with pink stripes and a brown suit with orange stripes.
The swimsuit is made of quality fabric water repellent is the chlorine from the salt water / resistant and provides ultraviolet protection factor 50 that block the sun rays.The harmful polyester / spandex dries very quickly Thank you and ensures maximum comfort
"Four Directions" stretch. The material also provides a perfectly uniform and elegant enhances the beauty and style of clothing.
The Bodykini comes with a couple of functions: two bands that are attached to the inside
pants, which is buttoned to the inside of the suit. This function is performed to prevent the application
floating, if the swimmer must jump into the water with his "feet forward.
The pants also have a small pocket with zipper (Ideal for keys, money, etc.)

Now Muslim women can enjoy modest swimsuits and participate in water sports, jump in the pool, relax in a Jacuzzi or plunge into the sea
The most important thing is that we are able to keep fit with swimming and water aerobics.
Swimwear Modest gains also popular among non-Muslim women as some choose to cover their bodies due to cultural differences and even for medical reasons.

Or read about Sarah's first experience with the swimsuit Bodykini: http://www.squidoo.com/bodykini

Muslima * / s - Muslim women

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