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What kind of bait do you like best and why?

I mean the end of the cycle as Boye or type that have flat bottoms and Susan Bates? Besides, perfe metal, plastic or wood? I perfe mark Boye hooks. I like aluminum or steel (for mobile). I learned when I was a child. I've been knitting for over 30 years ... Boye like me because they have a tapered round toe. Those with a flat bottom catch in my work too. I bought a game rosewood, and the hooks are prety. I do not use them because they are strangers. I do not remember that there are so many options now. I have some frineds want to learn. When I heard you just go the store and bought a hook and there was not much to it.

I metals in the two marks, but I prefer Boye. Susan Bates hook points are acute neck is longer and the numbers run higher than those of Boye. Boye A # 8 # 9 is a Susan Bates. Because I learned to weave threads of resting on my finger, I have to be very aware of what I do when using a Susan Bates hook and it hurts my own finger ............ LOL (Silly, but true!)

Crochet History 1900s - 21st century

Lavish crochet emerged alongside other forms of embroidery developed in the nineteenth century. When documents prints began to be mass-produced mid-nineteenth century, the popularity of crochet increased dramatically.

Patterns in silk bags were the first to have been published since about 1824 in Holland. Before that date, the hook has been transmitted to future generations without cause, but rather written in two samples of small hook.

Victorian crochet hooks are made of materials such as ivory, bronze, wood and various other bones. They were often richly carved, most impressive often given as wedding gifts. bag hook, clothing and decoration have been very popular. Crochet is regarded as an appropriate activity for rich women, as well as other Sewing forms. Heel hook began to appear on the market in the 1830s. Fabric with beads and it was fashionable at the moment.

Hook became one of the crafts in Ireland with crochet lace or lace called Irish lace. A mid-nineteenth century, became an important industry, because the people need to supplement their income because of the great famine of the time. It is still a cottage industry in some countries such as India, Greece, Italy and some Asian countries.
crochet samplers dating from the nineteenth century are exhibited in museums. A variety of crochet and knitting books have been published since the mid-nineteenth century by early 1920. Filet crochet was popular in the years 1850.

Hook remained popular until the twentieth century. The 1920s brought a barrage of bullets knitted bags with many accounts loops to complete the trap look.
From 1937-1940, there were crochet design contest and manufacturing speed. The beginning of the Second World War saw the end of the craft, due to lack of available materials. Heel hook bags were very popular during the 1950s. Hook has become a form art accepted in the 1960s and more experiments in textile art took place as international sample of the fiber. Hook began to regain its popularity in the 1970s, when it became popular to wear knitwear.

The 1980s and 1990s brought a renaissance In Grain and wire hanger. In early 1990, knitted bags of marbles has gained popularity, which has increased the demand for knitted bags of grain.

In 1994, thirty-four million American women knitted, by 2002 this figure had risen to thirty-eight million.

Hook Today, it is mainly through the use of soft wire to produce clothing and blankets. Despite crochet stitch which can be machine-made, it remains an art of origin.

Crochet History Part1

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