Wood Rubber Stamp

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Hello. I was wondering if I can put waqs Formica in a large old wooden desk?

I just bought this wooden conference table that is in its original state, which is excellent with only minor discoloration. However, I bought it for use as a board rubber boats scrapbooking stamping and workshops. The room is full of lavender and white all my other furniture in the room is a bright white. I said I'm crazy for wanting to end this piece, but I do not buy it for an inheritance, I bought it for a purpose and I am a boy Real-Matchy Matchy person ....... Can anyone help me with this? I wonder if you can cover the table with formica laminate? I know what they use at the counter, which tends to take forever. Any help on this and / or dismissal in Cleveland, Ohio area would be great! Thank you for your time. Nicole:)

I have some cons of plywood or wood for the roof and just use gaffer tape to hold in place, this approach does not damage the top and can keep someone in the future to enjoy.


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