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Upgrade your kitchen cabinets wood

You'll need a little patience and some time (not one or two days duration), but in the end, your kitchen will be completely different and "new" eyes. You'll want to take the time to do so, rather than rush and not regret it. Consider working in stages. Start with the doors. When you are finished with doors, drawers address. Rome was not built in a given day. The time and effort invested in this project will be profitable in the end - you'll love the kitchen!

Here's what you must do work:

"Sandpaper - the thinner the better. An electric sander is recommended, but if you're willing to put in a little work I will do the trick.

cleaning-products. Murphy Oil and Pine Sol reduce fat without damaging the wood.

"A bucket of hot water


First. It is a must-do not turn your old cabinets on a blackboard "white" before applying painting.

-Latex paints. Choose the color may be the longest part of this process. Have fun, but you can choose with care does not want to do this project again in six months when tired of the color.


"The best days (even decades). Not only can it replace handles that you can see, but you can also choose - While you are working on this project - the replacement of racks inside the cabinetry. If wasted some paint brands upmarket, often handles, frames can be bought in stores for almost nothing excessive.

Now that you have the supplies you are ready to begin. Go!

1. Remove all doors and hardware.
Note: If the cabinets have several layers of old paint, you must use an exhaust furniture to reach the original Cabinet before starting the next step. If there are too many layers, it is possible to consider a professional commercial diving mining firms to remove the paint. This will save you time and effort.

2. Clean all closets surface cleaning products and water (as indicated on the product).

3. Dry on all surfaces background.

4. This is a good time to let your equipment - If you want to keep the old handles and hooks - plunge into the water to old as the world to remove.

5. Gently sand the stripes of all cabinets, and then use the cloth to remove dust caused by sanding tack.

6. Apply primer to all cabinets, drawers and doors - interior and exterior.

7. Allow primer to dry completely. The time required to be stored on the card can.

8. Once everything is dry, apply latex paint. You want to apply two or three layers. Allow drying time between coats.

Tip: You can not decide to paint the inside of the cabinets the same color as the exterior painted. You can decide to leave the inner emptiness. In addition to providing the firms that look good, the white paint to create a level of brightness inside, making it easier to find things.

9. Once the last coat of paint is dry - very, very dry - up equipment and put in place new cabinets.
Congratulations Voila! Enjoy your "new" kitchen!

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