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turning wood bowles (new hobby) many questions..?

ok so this man makes these wood bowles that he makes on his lathe, he asked me if i would like to do one...so i did...he helped me with the whole process...he is very good, he sells them. but i mad two bowls, he helped and they turned out awsome. im trying to make this my own hobby because i really enjoed it. So i have a very large wood lathe, i have some high speed chisles...(they are the cheep ones) but im using them to practice with for now. So what i want to know is how long does the wood need to dry for before you can use it, or can you do a bowl while the wood is still green? Is there a site on the internet that tells you what each chisle is and what you use it for? i need all the info i can get about turning bowls on a lathe, the drying process, any and all info on making bowls would be great..thanks a bunch
ok i would ask the man, but he lives about 2 hours from me, and i found out later that he is a major pervert, and im not very comfortable around him...

Yes you can turn green wood, in fact I would rather turn it green than when it is dry. The secret to turning green wood is to turn it to a little big then set it aside to let it dry. Then you can turn to the intended bowl that you want.I personally like to turn to what I want then let the bowl dry to the natural imperfections that it will get. You can also apply downey to the bowl after a green turn to keep it from cracking, then after it dries sand, and finish it. There are alot of web sites and magazines that will be very helpful to you, not to mention that there is probably a wood turners guild in your area. Good luck, it's a great hobby to have.

Woodworking The Basics Of Wood Turning

As an industrial arts student at the University of Missouri 10 years ago, I first used the lathe to spindle turn the pedestal for a table. Since then, my techniques and knowledge have grown and matured-as has the field of wood turning itself. While I still enjoy making traditional spindle-turned furniture and objects, I also like what I see others accomplishing. Multi-centered and sculptural turnings have pushed back the frontiers of what can be created on the lathe.

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As with any craft, wood turning demands a strong foundation in the basics: the properties of wood, tools and techniques, and design considerations. Building on this knowledge gives you the ability to express your creativity in a host of challenging ways, from the traditional to the avantgarde.

Spindle turning represents one of the basics that a wood turner should master. Among other things, it improves tool control, which helps with faceplate turning as well. As a professional, full-time wood turner, I structure my teaching around the basics; it gives people a place to start, and it helps me to continue learning in the process. From the Indianapolis Children's Museum to WoodenBoat School in Maine to the Ontario Wood Show in Canada, I have derived tremendous satisfaction from watching young and old getting hooked on turning.

The growing interest in turning is focused primarily on making bowls; new ideas of what bowls and vessels should look like abound. I, too, am fascinated with faceplate turning, as it holds potential for development in years to come. Much of my faceplate work is not functional; the pieces are simply lovely to behold.

As I continue to explore the vast arena of wood turning, I have become more and more aware of the complexity and diversity of the craft. The field is wide open, ready to be explored, and I am happy to be immersed in what promises to be an exciting and rewarding career.

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