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Math word problem?

Suppose that a factory could be 600 units of products every week. To meet the needs of their regular customers, the plant must produce 150 units of lumber and 22.5 units contra-plated. If the benefit per unit of wood is $ 30 and benefit of each unit plywod is $ 45, how many units of each type of wood the plant to produce to maximize profits?

Wouldnt you just said it should produce the minimum amount of timber or 150 units, can produce 450 units of plywood in wood because it is more profitable. benefit would be $ 30 150 * 450 * $ 45 = $ 4500 + $ 20,250 = $ 24,750

Compare the platform Ipe wood pine

Ipe decking is known worldwide for its durability and natural resistance to mildew and insects. In Furthermore, because of the characteristics ipe wood and natural oils is extremely dense, but is also capable of resisting both the decay and decline, more than any other hardwood and composite deck. Many homeowners and builders prefer to build a bridge over the pine ipe coverage because of these qualities unique natural.

The main reason why people eventually settle for a wooden pine is because it is cheap. Besides pine has been the bane of many homeowners who have thought would be covered pine ease of maintenance and good looks for years. What companies will not tell on the pine and pressure treated pine is present, chemical products used to treat pressure pines have the potential to be very harmful.

In fact, until 2003, the pine wood is pressure treated deck now has been infused with arsenic. It is a chemical that is used for a variety of rodenticides and other poisons were used on the covers of all countries. Another sad reality is that it was not unusual for a piece of 2x6 pine, 12 feet to contain about 27 grams of arsenic. This pressure treated pine boards arsenic to kill over 200 people. It was not until he had too many complaints and bad press to tell them that in 2003, the industry has voluntarily stopped using arsenic in the wood of pine. Chemicals currently used to treat a cover of pine amine copper quaternary (ACQ) Azon and copper (AC). The jury is still out on whether these substances have side effects long term.

Moreover, addition of chemicals other reason decking "> ipe decks is greater than pressure-treated wood of pine is that the time on a pine-covered ends look very attractive and may even be dangerous. If you've ever seen a pine tree that was brought over twenty years old, you will immediately notice that the wood Pine is finally starting to check and crack and seems very degraded. Also, many children and even adults often wise chips that are smaller terraces.

Last but not least, money to consider. Yes, the construction of a bridge target = "_blank" title = "Wood Ipe "wood ipe> requires more than an investment. However, when comparing the pine decking ipe wood, the overall performance of investment is very clear. covered with pine trees have a higher overall cost to keep in mind that it costs more to maintain, because the treatments and even replacement of all seals cover of pine wood. On the other hand, IPE wood deck can last for decades before the treatment is necessary. You two options when it comes to treating the IPE and all about taste. Generally however, it is advisable to use oil to cover the first and second year. Then, depending on exposure time and the elements, may be able to treat your deck every two ipe years.

Moreover, considering that because of its overall density, a Ipe deck is much less likely to bend, crack or rot, can pass many wonderful years to spend time with his family in a platform ipe is safe and beautiful all at once. Course to work only with manufacturers cover a great reputation and logging companies before going ahead with its plans for housing construction. In the final example, the choice is yours and make sure they take good care of your platform is critical.


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