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Advice on Basement Stairs/Handrail?

My question is in regard to our basement steps. The basement has been completely finished. There are about 8 steps followed by a landing, and then after a 180 degree turn, about 6 more steps coming back the opposite direction.

When you are on the upper 8 steps, there is a large opening to the right (above the lower 6 steps). There is nothing there to prevent someone from falling right over the steps.

I believe I know why the previous owner left the large opening. Because of the sharp angle from the landing to the lower 6 steps, without the large opening between the upper and lower stairs it would be impossible to move any thing of size to or from the basement.

Between the upper and lower steps is a very wide wood wall, which I guess is basicly a shoe rail. What should I do? It is possible to install spindles and a handrail that could be removed when needed?

You should definitely install some kind of guardrail to prevent small children from taking a tumble. How often would you be moving furniture in and out? You could install any type of rail, screw it in so it could be unscrewed to move stuff in and out.

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