Wooden Knitting Needles

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"I can make wooden knitting needles on the plane?

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As the son of tabs are not as popular as before, but there are certainly occasions that warrant the use of this luxury fiber and leaflets. This is one of the most simple and easy scarf creating games that uses two types of son of eyelashes. However, he also may decide to combine the two in the same thread for a quick project to knit. This scarf is perfect if you want to brighten a gray day.

You will need From

1. Approximately 220 meters each of two different tabs son (a fine, another bulky) O 2 to the type of son (any color you prefer)
2. A pair of size 10 and half of U.S. hands
3. Hook and scissors

Example: is not critical, but in this model which has 8 lines per inch and 4 points garter.

Size: The final product is 72 inches long and 5 inches

Let's start!

1. Start by pouring in 20 points while holding the two strands together.

2. Work in garter while maintaining all along son or up to 72 inches.

3. Kill then cutting wire. Remember tissue at the end!

Tips for Working with this model:

1. If you want a thin scarf, you can choose to issue 10 inches instead of 20. You should be able to obtain finished piece with a nice length of about 150 meters of wire.

2. To simplify things for you, use a hook, while working on this model.

Marjory Richmond is a knitting expert. She spends her time consulting on knotty knitting problems and teaching others how to become proficient at knitting with remarkable speed. To learn more about scarf knitting patterns and her finishing techniques for flawless products Click here.


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