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How to paint a part that fits an oil painting professionally installed?

I love art, but the work is professional Bought Framed in a plain gold painted wooden frame, the frame is complex, with sculpted edges and corners, but I would agree with the other paintings in my house that are framed by professionals wooden frames painted white, back and hope you do not even know how to begin removing the oil painting of the base ...

Most managers Marco companies are "factory" finished feeling very strong durable paint, if the framework is not an age that could be a resin or composite, not real wood underneath. some woods such as pine or ash are the most commonly used to look whitewashed. If you can not afford a new frame, maybe a sponge painting diluted white frame (use painter's tape to protect the glass) or take a dry brush and just touch the sculpture high with white, add a little emphasis too in the white part which is not if the gold

What makes a quality wood Poker Chip Case a base?

So I decided to invest in a storage case poker chip All poker chips. There are a multitude of cases and trays of chips on the market, cheap plastic trays outrageously expensive sets. If you have your heart set on a wooden chest of poker, here are some points to consider that the distinction of a fine poker chip cases only a box of white wood.


Carpenter is one of the wood is to assemble pieces of wood to create furniture, structures, toys and other items. Traits mixed wood - Strength, flexibility, hardness, etc. - are derived from material properties of the Union and how they are used in joints. Therefore, joinery techniques are used to meet different needs. When designing a case of poker chips, you must take into account the weight of chips, which can approach 50 pounds per case for 1000 chips. Joints must be sound, and the case collapses under the weight of the chips.

Most cases of pre-made purchased on the market use a butt joint. A butt joint is a joinery technique in which two members are simply spliced together. The butt joint is the simplest game so that, since it concerns only the members cut to length and spliced. It is also the weakest because unless some type of reinforcement is used, only rely on glue to hold them together. Because orientation of all members only at the end of long grain size surface the resulting set is inherently weak.

When you order a target = "_blank" Title = "wooden boxes"> custom chip can specify where a dovetail joint. An assembly Dovetail is a technique commonly used in carpentry. Known for its resistance to be pulled apart (tensile strength) the dovetail is commonly used to attach the sides of a drawer front. A series of low pin in place since the end of a blockade board with a series of cutting in line at the end of another table. The pins and tails have a trapezoidal shape. Once attached, a set of Dovetail wood does not require mechanical fasteners.

A joint mission is simple and strong mortise and tenon, which has been used for thousands of years by carpenters from around the world to join pieces of wood. This is generally used when the parties are at a angle near 90 degrees. Although there are many variations on the subject, the basic idea is that the end of a limb is inserted into a hole in the other member. The end of the first member is called the stem, and generally decrease with the rest of the room. The hole in the side is called the mortise. The gasket can be glued, nailed, or a corner to put in place.


Material for a case of poker chips should also be sustainable. A variety of hinges and fittings are used for the commercial, but more often hinge seal is used, which is the most low type of hinge. When you order a custom case, there are a variety of hinges, you can ask.

A piano long run time is close hinge hinge runs the length of the two surfaces on which the leaves are attached. This gives greater strength to the hinge where a solid wood top is used.

Hidden hinges are used for furniture doors (with or without automatic closing function, with or without damping systems.) They are made of two parts: One part is the cup and the other arm is the mounting plate. Also Euro / cup hinge. This gives a cleaner look to the case.


One thing to consider when choosing a target = "_blank" title = "Custom wood boxes and trays of" wood case chip> is clear that the finish chips easily. Soluble polyurethane or varnish is an ideal because it does not stain or leak in its chips. In particular, avoid finishing, such as Tung oil or Danish oil because the oil can penetrate into the clay chips over time.


Commercial chip trays are often "one size fits all", so make sure the chips are properly sized the case of fleas. If you request a custom chip case, remember to specify the size of its chips. Most chips are the size of 39mm. But large chip denomination and based chips invested in the hat and cane Paulson (IHC) split mold, are larger than 43 mm. casino chip thickness can also affect how it is too difficult to add or remove chips on a platter. As a chip begins to show signs of wear, the edges may become less distinct and the chip becomes a little thinner. With time, the chips can start moving a little in the case.

Thus, when you invest in a custom wooden poker chips> Poker Wooden Chip Case to store your files, remember to consider the type of joints, hinges, and finishes used on If you are creating.

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Sven Asnien is an experienced woodworker and craftsman with tremendously varied experience. Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, he began his woodworking career at Wooster College with theatrical carpentry, building sets and props for the and a traveling theatrical group. He continued to perfect his woodworking skills after college, working primarily on built-in cabinetry, wainscoting, and high-end finish carpentry.

Sven establish Oz Woodworking to combine his love of woodworking and poker. For more information about custom wooden poker chip cases and trays, visit www.ozwoodworking.com or e-mail us at sven@ozwoodworking.com.


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