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1976 Olympic sculptures seal?

I have a wooden box containing Olympic stamps 3 and 3 sculptures buffer. one is gold, one silver is, and one bronze. gold is of two fighters, money is of two boxers, and bronze is a shooter. I know what it's worth? thanks!


Branding Iron BBQ - Seal your marks

Barbecue Branding Iron is very similar to that used by the shepherds used to distinguish cattle in Wild Wild West .. and even today in certain regions.

The irons are so easy to use, all you have to do is put the letters and characters you may want to spell the word chosen, a message or phrase.

Then, simply heat the barbecue branding iron on your source heat chosen and the stamp of your message in the flesh of the meat, where the iron will burn a sentence for you and your guests to admire.

The Branding Iron Barbecue is filled with 55 letters and separators for I can do a lot of different combinations of words of your choice.

However you use the grill iron red can be sure that the world I know you have done YOUR brand!
The Branding Iron BBQ features

* The BBQ branding iron allows you customize steaks, hamburgers, chicken, tofu and toast the brand of your name or message!
* Just drag the letters and attach with loop Locked
* You can create 2 lines text!
* Metal branding iron with wooden handle and leather strap for hanging
* Including letters of the alphabet!
* Only the heat of the grill branding iron and the pressure on the food!
* The red iron is approximately 46 cm x 9 cm x 4.5 cm
* Ideal Gifts for 18 to 180!

Why Why use the barbecue branding iron?

In short, it's fun!

The BBQ branding iron is perfect for adding a personal touch all kinds of food, and it lets you convert all barbecue lovers new favorite personal items. You can even pretend you're a real cowboy, trademarks steers plains. The choice is yours!

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